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305th Bomb Group - 50th Anniversary - 1992

The 305th Bomb Group comprised of four squadrons; the 364, 365, 366 and 422.
It arrived at its permanent home, Chelveston, in November 1942.

After having flown several missions from Grafton Underwood, their first job was to perfect the best bombing height and formation, to keep down the losses. This was achieved with staggered box formation and adopted throughout the Eighth Airforce.

October 14th 1943, is a date well known to aviation buffs, on that date the 305th despatched sixteen aircraft for the Ball Bearing Plant, at Sweinfurt. One aborted due to mechanical failure and of the remaining fifteen, only two survived to reach the target, both made it back, one crash landed on the South Coast so only one came home to Chelveston.

During late 1943, the 422nd Squadron tried night bombing which proved inconclusive, consequently, the experience learned was put to better use dropping leaflets, each plane dropping on several targets nightly. The success of this operation resulted in the personnel of the entire squadron being transferred to Cheddington, Bucks., to set up a specialist unit.

Radar spot jamming was also pioneered at Chelveston; this was achieved by locating the ever changing frequencies used by the German radar-guided anti-aircraft guns, then interfering with a strong radio signal, transmitted on the same wavelength.

Several aircraft crashed in the locality, including a mid­air collision at Newton Bromswold, killing twenty-one people. Almost within earshot, another horrific crash occurred at Yelden, killing two children, eight servicemen in a hut, and a crew of eleven; nine children were also badly burnt.

By war's end, Chelveston had a fourteen mile perimeter and was home to several thousand men. 800 died during the 480 missions flown, 337 of which were daylight. 154 aircraft were lost and two Medals of Honor, the equivalent to our Victoria Cross, were awarded.

The organisers wish to thank the following for their help in providing support for this event:

Mr. L. Carr of Chelveston
Frank and Margaret Coe of the Star & Garter
Mr. Knight of Chelveston
Mr. G. Hill of Chelveston
Mr. T. Skipper of LPH Plant Hire
Mr. R. Zang of R Z Electrical, Bozeat


Visitors and exhibitors are reminded that special care should be taken by them at this event, and that they attend this show entirely at their own risk. It is a condition of admission, that all persons connected with the promotion, organisation, and conduct of the show, including the owners of the land, pilots, aircraft owners, drivers, vehicle owners and passengers, are absolved from all liability arising out of accidents causing damage or personal injury to any spectators, whether they have arrived by vehicle or on foot.

This is a non profit making event and all proceeds, after expenses, are being donated to St. John's Church at Chelveston, and support of Yugoslavian refugees in Northamptonshire.

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