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Transcribed by John Collins, 2008
Exercise “VALENTINE”
To be held on 14.2.43 at Chelveston.
General Idea.

      The crippling effect of armament production in Germany by the Allied Bombing Attacks has led the Germans into making several ‘suicide’ parachute raids on Bomber Stations with the object of destroying aircraft, operational buildings, communications etc.

      These raids have been concentrated on two or three Groups or Wings at a time and already considerable damage has been caused at many Stations but not so far at Chelveston.

      These raids also have had the effect of keeping the personnel in a continuous state of readiness thus impairing the efficiency of the Stations in their operational role.

      Orders have therefore been issued that Operational Stations must on no account allow the threat of these nuisance raids to interfere with Operational Routine.

German method of attack.

      The technique of the parachute raiding parties has hitherto been as follows:-

(a)    To obtain their object by surprise and speed utterly regardless of loss.

(b)   To land anything from 500-1000 parachute troops in the vicinity of the airfield who quickly form up under cover and attack before it is expected the defences can be manned.

(c)    To attack at any time of the day from dawn to dusk.

(d)   To employ ‘Fifth Columnists’ disguised as civilians, Home Guard or R.A.F. Officers.

(e)    Not to precede an attack by bombing but to ‘strafe’ personnel and machines once the attack has been launched.


Dress. Chelveston      Steel helmets and Gas masks.
Home Guard   Battle dress and Field service caps buttoned under chin.
Ammunition.   NO live ammunition will be carried on the men but reserve S.A.A. and grenades at Chelveston will be issued in boxes the seals on which must not be broken. Blank ammunition and thunder flashes (if available) will be issued.
A.A.Guns. A.A.Guns will be unloaded and belts and magazines removed. This applies to all A.A. Guns on the airfield or outside the perimeter.
Umpires. Umpires will wear a white arm band on each arm and their cars will have a white cross on the front wind screen and back window. Instructions to Umpires will be issued by the two Chief Umpires.
Spectators Spectators will wear one white arm band and a white square on the front wind screen and back window of their cars.
Damage to Land The greatest care must be taken to avoid damage to land and fences. Gates must be shut. 


Token signals, etc.
(a) Verey Lights signify that parachute troops are in the process of landing in that particular area. Note. Umpires are responsible for firing these signals so that they can be seen from the airfield. 
(b) Parachute troops on the ground will be represented by large pieces of coloured paper or material. Red signifies 1 officer. Blue signifies 5 Containers*. White signifies 1 Section of Infantry.
*(For carrying Rifles, Light Automatics, L.M.G.s, Grenades, Food, Signals, etc.)
(c) One minute after the Verey Light has been fired the above colours will be exposed for the duration of 5 minutes. After a further 10 minutes the parachute troops are formed up and ready to attack.
(d) Smoke Canisters indicate that a fire has broken out.
IMPORTANT Any attacking troops having broken through the defences of the Airfield are NOT to cross the perimeter track or stand within 100 yards of a runway. A strict lookout must be kept for aircraft taking off or landing.
Medical Services will NOT be put into operation.
10. Cease Fire Signal. A bugle will be sounded and whistles blown.


Secret Exercise 'Valentine' - 14.2.43
Special Idea
(8th Battn. Northants Home Guard)
A, B, E and F Coys represent parachute troops.
Their object is to attack the airfield at Chelveston and destroy aircraft, technical buildings and personnel regardless of loss to themselves.
These Companies will be 'planted' in various positions as under by 0900 hours and will remain hidden.
They must not be bunched together.
Individuals should be at varying distances from each other i.e. 20 to 50 yards.
(Special Idea Home Guard).
Planting Areas. Objective. Forming-up Pt. Strength. Time when parachutes are dropped
(i.e. Verey Light Signal)
Pt.234(462909) Bomb Dump and Aircraft Stanwick Pastures. 1 Coy. 09.40
East of Shelton (4988) Bomb Dump and Aircraft Shelton Village. 1 Section. 09.35
Crowfield Fm (471855) Aircraft on E of Airfield
between High Barn and
Caldecote - Yelden Road
 Long Spinney N. of Crowfield Fm.  1 Coy.  09.20
Golf Course (4388) Station Buildings. Golf Course. 1 Coy. 09.35
445856 N. of Technical Site. Chelveston Village. 1 Coy.  
      (less 1 Section). 09.25

Note: There is no mention on this paper as to where the 8th Battn Home Guard was based.

NRO Ref: ZB75/3
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