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Wellingborough & Kettering News, August 7th, 1880, transcribed by Kay Collins

Chelveston Flower, Fruit,
and Vegetable Show

Tuesday last was a red-letter day at Chelveston and the hamlet of Caldecote, being the day on which the Second Annual Flower Show was held. The weather during the whole of the day was beautifully fine, and a large number of people came in from the surrounding villages to see the show, especially in the evening. The Flower Show, as last year, was held in the Village Schoolroom, and the exhibits were confined to the inhabitants of Chelveston-cum-Caldecote only. The entries were quite as numerous as had been expected, for the fact is the people, rich and poor, seem to take a very lively interest in everything pertaining to this exhibition. Besides the exhibits of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, there was this year in connection with the Show an exhibition of Army shoes for competition in both making and closing, and an exhibition of lace for competition. Towards the prizes offered for the Army shoe making and closing competition, Messrs. Colson & Co., shoe manufacturers, Rushden, gave £1 1s., Mr. J. K. Nichols, shoe manufacturer, £1, and Mr. E. Randall, shoe manufacturer, Higham Ferrers, 10s. 6d. There were sixteen entries for Army shoe making, and eleven for Army shoe closing. The flowers were nicely staged down the centre of the room in terraces, and included a good selection of window plants, especially in calceolarias and geraniums. There was also a good stand of flowers and fruits at the top of the room, exhibited by J. M. Gray, Esq., but not for competition, which was highly commended by the judges. The fruits and vegetables were ranged on stands round the sides and end of the room. The lower end of the room was occupied by a stand exhibiting the potatoes, and this was one of the chief features of the show, for it is not too much to say that in both kidney and round potatoes there was as fine an assortment as we have ever seen. The difficulty experienced in awarding these prizes was so great that the judges had to award extra first, second, and third prizes. The other vegetables were very good. The shoes and uppers occupied a table at the higher part of the room. The workmanship, both in closing and making, though not the very best, was nevertheless good, especially in those shoes and uppers selected for prizes, and reflects great credit on a village like Chelveston. In lace there were some pretty specimens shown. The refreshment stall, which was, as usual, laden with good things both in food and drink, was ably presided over by Mrs. Browning, the Misses Eady, Miss Denton, Miss E. A. Curtis, and Miss S. Barfield. Prizes were also offered for competition in allotment gardening, and also for the best cultivated shoemakers' gardens. The judges in the different departments were as follow:— For flowers, fruits, vegetables, and allotment gardening — Messrs. G. Henson, Stanwick; and W. Skerritt, Irthlingborough. For the Army work in closing and making—Messrs. E. J. Whitney, Raunds; and J. Martin, Hargrave. For lace—Mr. Hornsey, Chelveston.

All the arrangements were under the control of an active and energetic committee, composed of the following gentlemen—Messrs. J. Page, T. Britten, T. Bonfield, W. D. Knight, J. Bonfield, T. Newell, J. Burton, W. Britten, L. Newell, F. Morris, J. Holyoake, G. Whitney, and E. Newell. J. M. Gray, Esq., was the president; Mr. S. Denton, treasurer and Messrs. F. R. Eady and J. Browning, honorary secretaries; and the success of the Show must in a great measure be attributed to the indefatigable exertions of those gentlemen.

The Irthlingborough Brass Band was in attendance, under the leadership of Mr. A. Nevelle, and played a choice selection of music in front of the School, at intervals during the afternoon. Subjoined we give a list of the awards:—

FLOWERS AND PLANTS — Window plants — 1, Mrs. R. Eady, Wm. White, Mary Holyoak, and John Driver; 2, Phoebe Driver, H. A. Burton, Mary Holyoak, Sarah Barfield, Jeremiah Burton, William White, Mrs. Smith, George Cowley, and Hannah Robinson; 3, Ann Newell, Phoebe Driver, Rose Knight, E. Smith, Mr. Page, Mary Holyoak, J. S. Newell. Many of these being of equal merit prizes were awarded accordingly. Two geraniums—2, Phoebe Driver and Mrs. Smith; 3, Harriett Newell. A myrtle—1, Mrs. Robins. Calceolarias—1, Phoebe Driver. Foliage plants—1, Mrs. Browning; 2, T. Bonfield. Bouquet of flowers—1, T. Bonfield; 2, Phoebe Driver; 3, S. Morris, and S. A. Judd. Pot of musk—1, S. A. Robinson; 2, J. Driver. Cut flowers—1, J. Driver. Wild Flowers—1, H. Holyoak and Annie Driver; 2, Emily Hazeldine; 3, M. White, M. Bridgeford and R. Judd.

VEGETABLES— Peas -1, J. Barton; 2, J. Page and G. Cowley; 3, J. Morris and S. Robinson.
Parsnips— 1, T. Newell; 2, J. Morris; 3, A. Curtis.
Carrots— 1, I. Knight, 2, J. Brayfield; 3, William Smith.
Lettuce—1, K. Judd; 2, G. Cowley; 3, E. Driver.
Onions—1, I. Knight, jun.; 2, J. Britten; 3, W. White.
Leeks—3, I. Knight. Celery, 2, W. White.
Broad beans—1, J. Britten ; 2, S. Robinson; 3, W. Smith.
Red cabbage, 2, J. Britten. White Cabbage—1, J. Newell; 2, E. Driver; 3, J. Morris.
Swedes—1, W. White; 2, J. Bailey.
Mangold wurzels—1, T. Newell; 2, J. Bailey; 3, J. Britten.
White turnips — 1,W. Hazeldine; 2, J. Browning; 3. W. White.
Beetroot—2, E. Bridgeford.
Collection of vegetables—1, F. R. Eady. Potatoes (rose)—1, —Eady; 2, J. Browning; 3, I. Knight; extras, 1, J. Newell; 2, Miss Martin; 3, J. Burton. Magnum bonum— J. Browning, Rivers—3, — Eady. Pride of Ontario—2, J. Bonfield. Climax—1, J. Bonfield.

The following prizes were also given for potatoes— 1, R. Driver; 2, I. Knight; 3, I. Knight; 2, J. Knight; 3, J. Knight; 3, J. Britten; 3, Miss Martin; 2, J. Bailey; 3, J. Harrison, G. Parker, and W. White. Ash leaf pototoes—1, I. Knight. Kidneys—2, I. Knight; 3, J. Knight and John Holyoak.

FRUIT—Cooking apples—1, J. Colson; 2, J. Browning; 3, J. Driver and E. Driver. Eating apples—I, W. Smith; 2, W. Knight; 3, F. R. Eady. Pears—3,1. Knight, junr. Victoria plums —1, Miss Martin. Gooseberries—1, J. Bailey; 2, J. Morris; 3, J. Browning and Miss Martin. Currants (white)—2, G, Cowley; Red—2, G. Cowley. Black—1, J. Bailey; 3, J. Burton. Mixed (white and red) —3, S. Robinson. Rhubarb—1, J. Morris; 2, J. Holyoak; 3, J. Knight.

LACE COMPETITION—1, Susan Burton; 2, Eliza¬beth Knight; 3, Elizabeth Newell.

ARMY WORK COMPETITION—Army shoe making —1, J. Harrison; 2, L. Newell; 3, G. Whitney 4, A. Bridgemont; 5, A. Curtis; 6, W. Sturman. Army shoe closing—Uppers—1, Sarah Curtis; 2, S. A. Burton; 3, M. A. Burton; 4, Phoebe Parker; 5, W. Newell and W. Whitney.

GARDEN COMPETITION—New Close Allotments -1, J. Bailey; 2, G. Cowley; 3, W. White; highly commended, W. Hazeldine; commended, J. Britten. Best cultivated shoemakers' gardens—1, J. Morris; 2, W. Sturman; 3, A. Bridgemont; commended, T. Bonfield.

We may add that besides the donations given towards the prizes by the shoe manufacturers above mentioned, between £6 and £7 was subscribed towards the general fund. Messrs. Colson & Co., of Rushden, have also placed in Mr. T. Bonfield's hands a guinea for the Army work competition next year.

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