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Chelveston Airfield

Rushden Echo & Argus 15th June 1945

Chelveston Americans and the " Echo and Argus"
American airmen of the Chelveston camp have shown great appreciation of the descriptive article devoted to their famous base, which appeared in the "Rushden Echo and Argus" last week.

A deluge of orders for copies of the paper descended upon our office, and in view of the unique nature of the occasion we made all possible efforts to cover the demand so far as the supplies would permit.

The Americans wanted to send the story home to parents, sweet­hearts and old comrades, and soon the tale of Chelveston's fine record in the war with Germany will be read in every part of the United States.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 2nd March 1951, transcribed by Kay Collins

Chelveston Airfield Thefts
Equipment valued at several thousand pounds has been reported stolen from the Chelveston airfield. Much of it is radar used in Western European air exercises last year.

In use as an American airfield during the war, Chelveston is now a maintenance and storage depot. The thefts are believed to have been going on for three months. More than 100 R.A.F. personnel are there by day, and at night 12 stand guard over the aerodrome.

Evening Telegraph March 1st 1999

Farewell to Hangar
WORK has begun on demolishing a wartime aircraft hangar at the former American airbase in Chelveston, despite protests from the parish council.

The hangar was one of only three J-type left in Europe and the only one still to have working doors.

Parish clerk Arthur Hunter said the parish council has written to the Ministry of Defence in a bid to spare the hangar but the ministry had refused and demolition work started.

He said: "The farmer who had been using the hangar as a storage shed and to over-winter calves had offered to purchase it but was given notice to quit and his offer refused."

"It is a great pity as it was a local landmark and place of homage for visiting American servicemen."

The hangar in October 1998 - the warning light above the door was rescued and used as part of the new memorial to the 305th.
The hangar in February 1999 as demolition was underway despite the offer to purchase it by a local farmer.
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