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Chelveston Church & War Memorials

Inside the church The organ
Installation of Electric Light and Organ Blower was dedicated by The Right Reverend Bishop Vernon on 6th Dec. 1952.
C Aylon Williams
R Baxter
Church wardens
Rosina M Williams

Extracts from J E Smith's typed notes, deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) Ref: 285P/272-301
Rushden Church presented to Chelveston Church 'Old Lectern' - the Base of this was made out of the oak of Rushden Church at Restoration. They had it about the end of Jany 1908.

Benches Two Benches in the churchyard are engraved:

In memory of our Good Friend - William (Billy) Donald
of the 305th Bomb Group - 1946-2008

In Memory of Marion Hoffman 1926-1986

The Font
The Font
The Plaque
The Plaque on the outer wall of the Church
This Plaque in memory of men of Chelveston cum Caldecott
Who died in the First World War and to whom
the nearby Cross was erected in 1920

George Herbert Corbett

George Farr

Walter Hulatt

Frank Morris

Harry Morris

“Death is Swallowed up in Victory in Undying Remembrance of the Men of Chelveston who fell in the Great War 1914-1918”

And in the Second World War 1939-1945 we remember

Stanley Eric Odell

"For our tomorrow they gave their today"

The War Memorial Cross
The War Memorial Cross in the Churchyard 2007

The War Memorial

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