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Court Reports

Wellingborough News, 11th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court. Friday, Nov. 10th.
Before Mr. Spencer Pratt, Mr. C. J. K. Woolston, and Lieut.-Col. Rawlins.

ASSAULT AT CHELVESTONWilliam Jeyes, of Higham, was summoned for assaulting Mr. Withers, landlord of "Fitzwilliam Arms," Chelveston, in February last. After the assault defendant left the neighbourhood, and has only recently returned. The evidence showed that defendant challenged a man named Spicer to fight, and on the landlord interfering struck him. Fined £1 and £1 7s. 6d. costs, or a month's imprisonment.

Wellingborough News, 18th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court. Friday, Nov. 17th.
Before Mr. F. U. Sartoris (in the chair), Mr. K. Arkwright, Mr. N. P. Sharman, and Col. Rawlins.

ASSAULT CASE AT CHELVESTONJonah Neville, of Chelveston-cum-CaJdecott, was charged with assaulting Joseph Sturman, on the 8th inst. Mr. Parker prosecuted. Complainant said he had been to Raunds, and on the road home defendant pushed him into the dyke, and afterwards lay in waiting for him in the village, when he struck him without any provocation.—Defendant said complainant fell in the ditch, and then wanted to fight him.—Rebecca Sturman, prosecutor's mother, said she heard a noise, and got out of bed, and afterwards heard her son call out, "Mother, father, it's Jonah Neville hitting me." She ran after him as far as she could in her night-dress, but did not catch him. She saw complainant, who had sot some blood upon him. Prosecutor might have had some drink, but was not drunk.—John Harrison, a shoemaker of the same place, also gave evidence, stating that Neville pushed Sturman in the dyke, but he did not see him do it. He found both Sturman and Neville in a public-house at Raunds. Complainant and defendant were scuffling together, and Sturman's brother went to part them. Complainant did not pull off his coat. The case was dismissed on payment of costs, 14s.

Wellingborough News, 30th December 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court, Tuesday, December 26th.
Before Mr. C. J. K. Woolston.

GAME TRESPASSWm. Britchford, labourer, Chelveston, was charged with trespassing in search of game on land belonging to Mr. Spencer Pratt in February last. Edward Bonner said he saw defendant, with two or three others, in the middle of a field, and they had two dogs with them. They were beating the field. Defendant, who has absconded until now, was fined 5s. and 17s. costs.

Wellingborough News, 27th January 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court. Friday, Jan. 26th
Mr. N. P. Sharman, in the chair; Mr. C. J. K. Woolston, and Lieut.-Col. Rawlins.

BEGGING—Robert Thompson, tramp, an old man, pleaded guilty to begging, at Wellingborough, on the 25th inst. The facts were proved by P.C. Ellis, and defendant was sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment.

VACCINATION CASES—Mr. Packwood asked for an adjournment for 14 days in seven vaccination cases, which was allowed.

ASSAULT AT CHELVESTONW. Bridgeford, and Jabel Sturman, of Chelveston, were charged with assaulting Edward Bonfield, on the 6th inst.—Mr. W. H. Simpson prosecuted, and Mr. J. Heygate defended.—It appears that the prosecutor is game-keeper to Mr. Spencer Pratt, and on the evening in question defendants followed him from the Red Lion, Raunds, and when a mile away from his home he found Bridgeford running after him in an excited state. Sturman coming up at the time, Bridgeford struck witness a blow on the face, and after he had knocked him down, they both began to kick him. He was unconscious at the time. He found his head covered with blood. Dr Crewe spoke to the injuries complainant had sustained, and P.C. Martin proved apprehending the prisoners. James Jarvis shoemaker, Raunds, heard the defendant say that if they caught that ——— they would murder him. J. S. Nevell, shepherd, Chelveston, said he heard Bridgeford say on the 8th inst., "I should not be surprised to hear the bell ring out, as he had given ''Ted" (Bonfield), what he said he would." He had given him twenty-six hits, instead of two-and-twenty.—Judah Braybrook said he was in a field on the 10th inst., when he found an old hat, cut in four pieces, which belonged to Bonfield. Mr. Heygate said the defence was that Bridgeford was struck by a stick first, and that the men then fought, when Bridgeford got the best of it.—A cross summons was then heard, but the Bench dismissed it with costs, and sentenced the two men to six weeks' imprisonment.

Wellingborough News, 23rd February 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

Friday, Feb. 22nd.—Magistrates present: Mr. F. U. Sartoris, (in the chair), Mr. N. P. Sharmau, Mr. C. J. K. Woolston, and Col. Rawlins.

CRUELTY TO A HORSE—-Wm. Smith, farmer, Chelveston, was summoned for cruelty to a horse on Feb. 12.—P.O. Onan saw the defendant ploughing a field with three horses, one of which was in a very poor condition, and had several raw wounds upon the shoulder and other places. When the constable called his attention to it, defendant admitted the horse was not fit to be worked, but said he wanted to get his ploughing done.—P.S. Webster also spoke as to the bad condition of the horse.—Defendant said the horse caused the wounds by falling down in its sleep.—Defendant was fined £1 and 10s. 6d. costs.—Supt. Bailie cautioned the defendant about another horse he was using.

Wellingborough News, 11th October 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

CRUELTY TO HORSESWm. Gross, farmer, of Chelveston, was summoned for cruelty to a horse on the 20th September.—Inspector Leonard, of the R.S.P.C.A., prosecuted.—P.O. Onan saw three horses of the defendant harrowing in a field, and noticed that they "twitched" a good deal. He examined the horses and found that there were some raw wounds on the shoulder. The boy in charge said the master knew of the condition of the horses, and that he had bathed them.—Defendant admitted the facts and said that he intended to have given his horses a rest when the work was finished. Fined 5s. and 12s. 10d. costs.

Rushden Echo, 15th November 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

Vaccination Prosecutions—At Thrapston police-court on Tuesday, before Colonel Stopford Sackville, M.P., and other justices.

Frederick Britton, farmer, Chelveston, Harry Simmons, shoehand, Chelveston, George Samuel Warford, shoehand, Stanwick, and Thomas Peer, shoehand, Stanwick, were summoned for neglecting to have their children vaccinated or applying for an exemption order.—Defendants were ordered to have their children vaccinated within 31 days and pay costs, 7s. 6d. each.

Rushden Echo May 1st 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court – This Day (Friday)
Before Messrs Woolston, Whitworth, E Parsons, Allebone, F Knight, J S Clipson, T Patenall, R P Payne and C A Hazeldine.

John Britchford of Chelveston, was summoned for a game trespass at Chelveston on April 15—PC Knight gave evidence, which was supported by other witnesses, that defendant, who had a ferret with him, was attempting to catch rabbits.—Fined £2 and costs or one month’s hard labour.

Luke Bates and Wm Ekins, tramps, were charged with stealing 2lbs. of paint, the property of Chas E Dilley, at Rushden. Each was sentenced to one month’s hard labour.

Rushden Echo, 10th December 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Chelveston - County Court Case—yesterday, before Judge Radcliffe, the Midland Railway Co. sued Geo. Britten, farmer, now of Bozeat, late of Chelveston, for £9 for conveyance of a bull from Higham Ferrers to Newquay, Cornwall. Mr. Turner, Birmingham, appeared for the Company, and when the case came on at the last Court Mr. George (Messrs. Morgan and George) was for the defendant. Certain terms were then agreed to but Mr. Turner now said defendant had failed to comply with those terms, and he now asked for judgment.—Mr. George said he had done his best to get defendant to comply but had failed, and he had accordingly withdrawn from the case.—A clerk from Higham Ferrers M.R. Station said defendant sent a prize bull by passenger train with the exclusive use of the horse box.—His Honour gave judgment for the Company with costs.

Rushden Echo 9th September 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton

Wellingborough Petty Sessions
This Day (Friday)

Before Messrs Nunneley, A.H. Sartoris, Perkins, Sanders, Saddington, T. Patenall and R.P. Payne.

Ernest Bullbrook, Walter Abbott and Harold Clements, Irchester were summoned for trespass at Irchester on September 3rd. Mr. G.E. James said he saw three men setting nets in a spinney. The men ran away. Witness picked up 13 nets and a ferret, which was later claimed by Bullbrook. Witness identified defendants as the men. Defendants were fined £1 each or seven days.

Edward Knight senr., Chelveston and Jack Harrison, Rushden for similar offences, were fined £1 each.

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