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Chelveston Institute

Rushden Echo and Argus, 26th October 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Clear of Debt Within Three Years of Opening
Celebration Social

A very happy evening was spent at Chelveston Village Institute on Wednesday, when a meeting was held to celebrate the opening of the hall.

Mr. E. Lack, who presided, said it was three years since the hall was opened, and it was now free of debt. He urged them to work together and keep it up for the benefit of the young people of the village.

Mr. L. Hayes (secretary) said that exactly three years ago the hall was opened. It was ten years since the hall was first dreamed of by some young men of the village, and the dream had come true. The hall had cost £325, with the furniture and other things extra—at the opening they had paid £150, and the rest was to be paid in monthly instalments. These had been kept up, and the hall was now absolutely free of debt.

It had not all been easy going, but with the help of the village the committee had been able to keep up the payments, also purchasing chairs, a piano and a billiard table. During the three years they had raised £307/9/10, including the £30 raised at the opening, and there was now a balane in-hand of £1/8/1.

The Vicar (Rev. W. R. Taylor) congratulated the committee on the way they had worked together. When the hall was opened, he said, he was a very shy man, for it was his first public appearance in the village, but he was very proud that night to think that he belonged to them, and he was sorry to think that he was leaving a people who could raise that sum in such a place.

Mrs. F. Walker, of Higham Ferrers, spoke in a genial manner and urged them to continue their efforts for the benefit of the young people.

Ald. F. Walker, J.P., said it seemed remarkable that they had paid for the hall in so short a time.

The remainder of the evening was of a social character, songs being given by the Vicar and Mr. L. Mayes, of Rushden, with monologues by Mr. Payne (Rushden) and a recitation by Mr. Gray. Games followed, and refreshments were served under the supervision of Mrs. E. Lack.

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