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Wellingborough News, 1st July 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins
The Queen's Jubilee

The Queen's Jubilee was celebrated with very great success in this little parish on June 21st. In order that the festivities might be free to all the villagers, subscriptions were kindly given by Mr. F. U. Sartoris, All Souls' College, Oxford, Mrs. Wise, Mr. Higgins, Mr. T. Strother, &c., and the arrangements were carried out by a committee of ladies, assisted by Messrs. Harris and Tusting. Service was held in the church at 2 p.m., and at 3 there was a cold meat tea, in a barn kindly lent by Mr. Tusting, to which all the inhabitants of Newton Bromshold and Higham Park were invited. After tea there were games, dancing, and races, for toys, aprons, tea, tobacco, and pipes, in a neighbouring field, and at 8.30 refreshments were provided in the barn, and the toast of her Majesty's health was duly honoured. The festivities came to an end with the National Anthem, and the oldest people of the village testify to never having had a more universal treat or enjoyable day.

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