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Rushden Echo, 8th February 1918

An alarming accident occurred at the junction of Rectory-road and Newton-road on Tuesday at 7.20 a.m. to a young lady cyclist from Newton, who daily rides into Rushden.  It appears that she was coasting down the Newton-road hill, and being unable to negotiate the Rectory-road corner owing to defective brakes, her machine mounted the curb and she was precipitated clean through the window of Mr. J. Litchfield’s shop, the entire pane, which was of a large size, being smashed.  Marvellous to relate, although the girl was absolutely smothered with splinters of glass, she sustained no injury beyond a cut on the nose, and her machine was entirely undamaged.  Mr. Ernest Pashler extricated the young lady from her curious position, and conveyed her into Mr. Litchfield’s house, from whence, after she had rested for an hour, she was able to proceed home.

Rushden Echo, 3rd June 1927, transcribed by Kay Collins

AccidentMr T Smith, aged about 20, of Newton Farm was riding on the back of a horse which was drawing a farm vehicle on Friday afternoon, when the horse bolted. The rider’s right leg was caught between the collar chain and the shaft. Mr Fred Clark happened to be near and he prevented the accident resulting in what might have been fatal injuries, as the horse and cart fell over, Mr Smith’s leg being broken by the shaft. Mr Clark rescued him from his perilous position. Mr Cyril Hall, of the Manor Farm, Newton, who is a member of the St John Ambulance Association, rendered first-aid. Dr Muriset was summoned by telephone. The doctor, having made the patient as comfortable as possible, complimented Mr Hall on the efficiency of his work and returned to Rushden and sent the Motor Ambulance to take the injured man to Northampton Hospital. This was Mr Hall’s first case since he joined the ambulance. Staff-Sergt. A Prigmore took charge of the transport. The patient’s father met with a serious accident a few weeks ago, falling from a ladder on to a hay knife, and he has only recently returned home from hospital.

Child Wounded 1940

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