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Taken from a photograph of the poster.
Church Re-opens 1879

Poster printed by Charles Hewitt of Rushden. A space has been left for another preacher's name to be added.

Wellingborough News, 26th July 1879, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold - Re-Opening of the Parish Church

The re-opening of the church of this parish took place on Wednesday last. A fine day shed gladness over the little village, and kind friends and neighbours filled the church at both the services. The Bishop of Peterborough was unable to preach as announced, being obliged to attend an important meeting in London, and though his Lordship's absence was much regretted, his place was kindly and ably filled by the Venerable Archdeacon of Northampton, who preached in the afternoon. The sermon in the evening was preached by the Rev. R. L. Watson, rector of Covington, Hunts.

The following clergy were present, besides the two preachers; The Revs. Canon Lightfoot, H. Dale, J. T. Barker, G. W. Paul, J. S. Hall, R. P. Bent, R. S. Baker, E. Templeman, — Faught, N. B. Young, R. Barber, J. T. Mayes, W. Bunt, and J. Geldart.

We also noticed the Lady St. John, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Sartoris, Mrs. and Miss Mackworth Dolben, Mrs. Orlebar, Captain and Mrs. Pearson, the Misses Hill, Mrs. Wetenhall, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Praed, Mrs. Barker and party, Miss Young, Mrs. Baker and party, Mr. and Mrs. Pope, Mrs. Malim and party, &c.

There was a public tea between the services in a field adjoining the churchyard, at which about 143 people were present. Speeches were made by the Archdeacon, the Rev. J. T. Barker, and the Rector of Newton Bromswold, and cheers were given for those who had helped in the restoration work, and for the architect, (W. L. Baker, Esq., 8, Danes Inn, Strand), and for the contractors, Messrs. Green and Hull, of Wellingborough.

Much admiration was expressed of the way in which the work has been carried out; the interior is now finished except the seating, and it is hoped that the work of restoration will be recommenced and finally completed next year, if funds are forthcoming. The collection in the afternoon on Wednesday was £26 16s. 6d., and in the evening £2 16s. 0½d., besides some small sums sent by friends at a distance. About £70 more is required for the final completion of the work.

Wellingborough & Kettering News, August 21st, 1880, transcribed by Kay Collins

NEWTON BROMSWOLD ... Those of our readers who sent contributions to the fund for purchasing lamps for the restored church of Newton Bromswold, will be interested to know that they were put up the week before the village feast, which follows St. Peter's Day. They are from Messrs. Jones and Willis, of London and Birmingham, and are of ruby glass, with opaque white shades, set in ornamental brass work, and suspended by chains from the roof. [part of a school report]

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