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Court reports

Northampton Mercury 5th December 1846, transcribed by Susan Manton.

A case of trespass in search of game at Newton Bromswold was then brought against two persons named Elliott and Leigh. The charge was laid by one of Lord St. John’s keepers. Mr. Thompson, who appeared also in this case, called a witness who proved that the defendants had leave from Mr. Rootham, although Mr. Rootham had signed a declaration (which was produced), diametrically opposed to the evidence of his witness, the matter was allowed to stand over for a fortnight, so that the attendance of Mr. Rootham might throw light on the case.

The Northampton Mercury, June 14th 1862, transcribed by Susan Manton

Game Trespass—William Day, of Rushden, surrendered himself on a charge of trespassing in search of game, in October last, on land at Newton, belonging to Lord St. John. There were two other parties in the case, who had both suffered for the offence, but prisoner absconded, and a warrant was issued against him in November last to which he surrendered today. Mr. Rogers, for the prisoner, attempted to prove an alibi, but the case was proved and he was fined £1 5s and costs £1 0s 6d or six weeks imprisonment. Paid.

Rushden Echo, 26h April 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

For a Game Trespass at Newton, on April 4, Clark Sargent, a Rushden shoehand, was on Friday fined 10s. and costs.

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