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Rushden Echo, 15th July 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins
Newton Bromswold Fete 1921

Garden Party For Piano Fund

Speech By The Mayoress of Higham Ferrers

A well-attended garden party was held yesterday week in the beautiful grounds of the Manor House, Newton Bromshold, by the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. George Hall, for the village piano fund. Mrs. Hall and a good committee of helpers of the village had worked hard for a considerable time preparing for the function, which was a great success. Arranged on the tennis court and in different parts of the grounds (which were decorated with flags and bunting) were stalls managed as follows:— Children's, the day school children, under Laura Sinfield and Grace Dilley; needlework, Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Baker; tea and refreshments, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Barnett, Misses E. and C. Taylor and others; bran tub, Gladys Barnett; weighing machine, Dolly Bird. The school children had contributed little articles which sold very well. Miss Boddington took charge at the gate.

At the opening ceremony the Rev. W. H. McCleery, Rector of Shelton, presided, supported by Mrs. T. Patenall, M.B.E. (Mayoress of Higham Ferrers), Miss Bessie Patenall, of Higham Ferrers, Mrs. Hall, and others.

The Chairman welcomed Mrs. Patenall to the garden party, and went on to pay a tribute to Mrs. Hall for the excellent work she did for the Church, and to Mr. and Mrs. Hall for their kindness in allowing the use of their grounds for the sale and party. The people of Newton were more than ordinarily fond of music and they had decided to try and raise enough money to purchase a piano. They wanted not only the music provided on Sundays in the Church, but music for concerts and dancing during the week-time. He felt that there was no harm in that. (Hear, hear.) Newton was a small parish but was very much alive. (Applause)

Mrs. Patenall, in declaring the sale open, thanked them for asking her to go and open their sale of work. She also took that opportunity of thanking the villagers, the school children, and particularly the school mistress for the many useful and welcome gifts that they had sent to the Higham Ferrers V.A.D Hospital, which had been a boon to the soldiers staying there. (Applause) Mrs. Patenall congratulated Mrs. Hall on the result of her hard work and excellent lead to the committee. The school children also deserved a word of praise for having made such a large number of saleable articles. It was a splendid idea to get a village piano and so be able to hold concerts and dances. (Applause)

Miss Queenie Hall presented a handsome bouquet to Mrs. Patenall, who received the gift with suitable acknowledgement.

Mrs. Hall proposed thanks to Mrs. Patenall for attending, and on behalf of Mr. Hall and herself, said they were very pleased to throw grounds open their grounds for the fete. (Applause)

Miss Taylor seconded the vote which, was carried.

The school children gave a little play entitled "A Mothers' Meeting," and also contributed a variety of other items, under the direction of Miss E. Taylor by whom they had been trained. Selections were given by Mr. Whitworth's orchestral band from Rushden.

During the early part of the evening a whist drive was held, Mrs. C. Croot, of Higham Ferrers, and Mr. A. Ward, of Rushden, being the winners. Mr. N. King of Rushden, acted as M.C. Later in the evening Mr. Whitworth and friends, of Rushden, supplied music for dancing, which was indulged in until a late hour.

When it became known that £53 had been realised as the result of the day's efforts great efforts great satisfaction was expressed, and thanks to all those who had helped to bring it about.

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