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From the Parish Magazine January 1984

Those of you who regularly attend our Parade Services, will be aware that for the past three months, part of the service has included a Queen's Guide Presentation to one ur more Guides and you may begin to wonder why the sudden rush of awards being gained. Well, the Guide programme, like everything else is subject to periodic change and this is what is currently happening.

From March, we must sadly say goodbye to the Queen's Guide Badge, as it has been known for many years, since it is being moved into the Ranger section under a revised syllabus. For Guides, there is the exciting new challenge of the Baden Powel Trefoil, which will require the same high standard in a variety of skills and be gained with equal merit.

Meanwhile, we hope there will be quite a few more Guides complete their Queen's Guide before the time runs out and our congratulations to those who have been successful todate.

Rachel Vickers 1st Rushden (St. Peter's) Guides
Alison Freeman 1st Rushden (St. Peter's) Guides
Sharon Harris 8th Rushden (St. Peter's) Guides
Louise Tilley 9th Rushden (Whitefriars) Guides
Tania de Neumann 1st Rushden (St. Peter's) Guides

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