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Miss Edith Warrington - Mrs Mills

Miss Edith Warrington first played the harmonium at the Court Estate Mission Hall.
In August 1923 she married Mr Alfred Mills at Newton Bromswold Church but sadly,
a few weeks later he died following a tragic accident at work.

Extract from the Parish magazine - Transcribed by Kay Collins 2007
With her gift - a painting of the Church
Mrs Mills Retires – 1983
One of the best known names connected with Newton Bromswold Church is – Mrs. Mills. This is but a short tribute to her love and devotion during the many years; first as deputy, then as regular organist of Newton Bromswold Church. Now, feeling the time has come for retirement, she no longer climbs the awkward steps to the organ but sits, rather more comfortably, with friends in the body of the Church.
Fete Day 1969
Mrs Mills receives her gift
Fete Day 1969
I understand Mrs. Mills first played the Harmonium – which was the only instrument in the church at that time – about 60 years ago. Later she worked very hard organising whist drives, dances etc. to raise funds to buy the pipe organ which was installed in the Church on July 26th 1936. For a small village church this is a very pleasant organ with full pedal board. This was hand blown by lads connected with the Church until electricity was put in, in 1950.
The organ

The lovely little organ has been under Mrs. Mills’ loving care for many years – she loved her Church Music and put all her devotion and expertise into the choice of music for whatever service was needed; evensong, festival, weddings or christenings.

Come rain, shine or whatever, Mrs. Mills would always be there, usually on her faithful bicycle. We owe you an enormous vote of gratitude Mrs. Mills. May you long be able to enjoy music and church life in general.                  H. M. Horsford

The organ

Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th June 1941, transcribed by Kay Collins

Presentation—A pleasant gathering of parents, friends and Sunday School scholars met in the schoolroom on Tuesday, May 29th, to make a presentation to Mrs. Edith Mills, who has recently resigned from the position of superintendent of the Sunday School, which she has held for the last ten years. During that period she has seen the membership grown considerably and has been most popular amongst the scholars, who will greatly miss her. Master Frank Toone made the presentation of an eight-day clock in an oak frame as a token of love and appreciation from the past and present scholars. Mrs. Mills suitably responded, and after others present, including Mr. J. McCartney and Mr. H. Gadsden, had spoken words of appreciation, refreshments were handed round.

Rushden Echo & Argus 15th June 1945

Hospital Fund—A meeting of the Hospital Committee was held on Wednesday last at the residence of Mrs. E. Mills, "Glatton", Avenue-road, Court Estate, Mr. N. King presiding. Mr. R. G. Thompson, hon. sec., after the varying house-to-house collections had been handed in, made the very gratifying announcement that £93 1s. has been reached, this being £13 1s, 0d. over the target fixed by the Northampton Hospital Board of Governors. Included in this amount was £4 handed in as a result of the sale of Newton Bromshold's First Aid Post requisites.

Mrs Mills Opens Village Hall

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