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News Snippets

Northampton Mercury,  05 September 1868 

Rushden Game TrespassThomas Lack and Thomas Thompson were summoned for trespassing in search of game, at Newton Bromshold...... 

Wellingborough News, 27th April 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Easter vestry meeting was held on Monday, when the usual business was transacted, and the old Churchwardens were reappointed. Owing to the contemplated restoration of the Church, which is much needed, the repairs were not considered.

Wellingborough News, 4th May 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

A BAZAAR in aid of the Church and Chancel Restoration Fund was held in this village on Tuesday and Wednesday in Easter week, under the patronage of Lady St. John, the Dowager Lady St. John, Lady Lyveden, Lady Alwyne Compton, Lady Robinson, Mrs. Sartoris, Mrs. Leighton, (All Souls' College, Oxford,) Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Mackworth Dolben, Mrs. Orlebar, and Mrs. Currie. Most of these ladies had sent handsome gifts to the bazaar, and these, added to the work done by other ladies in the neighbourhood, and in the village, made up a large collection of useful and ornamental articles. The refreshment stall was provided almost entirely by the kindness of the farmers of Newton Bromswold, and there were gifts in the Bazaar from nearly all the cottages. The chief part of the sale was held in a tent adjoining the school garden, and the refreshment stall, presided over by Miss L. Taylor, was in the schoolroom, together with a large picture screen, valued at £10, and a stall for china and drawings. The other ladies who assisted at the stall at different times of the two days were Mrs. F. Welstead, Mrs. Bolingbroke, Mrs. J. L. Baker, Miss Baker, Miss Beatrice Baker, Miss Barker, Miss Jarvis, Mrs. Browning, Mrs. Harris, the Misses Smart, and Miss Taylor. The Rev. F. Bolingbroke presided over the Post Office, and was very successful in finding that he had letters in his care for all who wished for them. On the first day the weather was very rainy and unfavourable, but the afternoon of the second day was bright and fine, and the bazaar business went on briskly, enlivened by the strains of the Rushden band. Among those who visited the bazaar were Lady St. John, the Dowager Lady St. John, Mr. and Mrs. Orlebar, Mrs. and Miss E. Sartoris, Mrs. Currie, Rev. J. T. and Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Newbolt and the Misses Orlebar, Mrs. Pratt, Miss Young, Mr. and Mrs. Pope, Mr. and Mrs. Crew, Mrs. Templeman, Mrs. and the Misses Lee, Dr. and Miss Mansfield, Miss Allen, Mr. H. Baker, Mr. Watson, Mrs. and Miss Harris, &c. &c. The church was open for inspection on both days, and its visitors expressed much interest in its points of architectural beauty, and much regret that the lapse of years should have brought it to a state so sorely needing restoration. The proceeds of the bazaar amount to £105 4s. 4d., and the expenses to £9 12s. 9½d., leaving a balance of £95 11s. 6½d. for the church. There is still a deficiency of about £100, and great efforts are being made to raise this sum speedily, in order that the work may be begun this year.

Wellingborough News, 15th June 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

SALE OF FANCY WORK IN THE RECTORY GROUNDS—On Monday the articles that were left unsold at the bazaar lately held at Newton Bromshold, were, by the kind permission of the Rector, offered for sale in the Rectory Grounds. The sale was not advertised, and the attendance was accordingly select and limited. Among those present were: Miss Baker (Hargrave Rectory), Miss Baker (Manor House, Hargrave), the Misses Taylor (Newton Bromshold), Mrs. and the Misses Barker (Rushden Rectory), the Misses MacNorton, Miss Harris (Newton), Miss Smart (Newton), Mrs. Templeman (Higham Ferrers), the Rev. and Mrs. Taylor (Newton), Mrs. Sanders (Prospect House, Higham-hill), and Mrs. Parsons (Irthlingborough).

Wellingborough News, 29th March 1879, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE PARISH CHURCH - On Friday evening, March 21st, the Rev. R. P. Bent, Rector of Tickencote, near Stamford, gave an interesting lecture in the Schoolroom of this parish, on a tour in the Holy Land and Cyprus, which he made in the spring of last year. The lecture was illustrated by magic lantern views, and Mr. Bent gave much information upon various points of interest; he had also some curiosities to shew to his listeners, among others, a bracelet bought of an Assyrian woman at the Fountain of Nazareth. The room was well filled. The work of the restoration of the Church and chancel of Newton Bromshold is progressing favourably. It is intended that it shall be opened, in a partially finished state, in the month of June or July, but the sum of nearly £100 is still wanted for its completion. Contributions from readers of the News would be most gratefully received.

Wellingborough News, 19th August 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Re The Reverend William Taylor Deceased
ALL persons having any claims or demands against the estate of the REVEREND WILLIAM TAYLOR, late of Newton Bromswold, in the County of Northampton, clerk, deceased, are requested forthwith to send particulars thereof to Mrs. FRANCES TAYLOR, of Newton Bromswold aforesaid, the Widow and Sole Executrix of the deceased. And all persons who were indebted to the said WILLIAM TAYLOR at the time of his decease are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to the said FRANKS TAYLOR.

By order of the said Executrix.
Her Solicitors,

Wellingborough, 17th August, 1882.

Wellingborough News, 26th August 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Before Messrs. H. H. Green and E. B. Watson.

TheftRobert Lines (14), of Newton Bromswold, was charged with stealing a quantity of onions, value 1s., from a garden, at Yeldon, on the 6th inst., the property of Thomas Wagstaff, innkeeper. He was committed to prison, for seven days, with hard labour.

Wellingborough News, 16th December 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court. Friday, Dec. 15.
Present: Mr. F. U. Sartoris (in the chair), Mr. N. P. Sharman, Mr. C. J. K. Woolston, and Lieut.-Col. Rawlins.

EDUCATION ACT—Charles Wooding, of Newton Bromshold, was charged with a breach of the Act, by Mr. W. Packwood, the attendance officer of the Wellingborough Board of Guardians. An attendance order was made. Fined including costs 5s.

From Wellingborough & Kettering News 10/05/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

NEWTON BROMSHOLDSMOKING CONCERT—On Thursday last week, a smoking concert was held at Host Smart's, in the above village. It was got up by a few members of the Conservative Club, Rushden. There was a good attendance of working men present. The chair was taken by Mr. J. Strother, of Higham Park. The following gentlemen contributed the harmony as well as the pleasure of the evening viz., Messrs. Litchfield, Fuller, Packwood, Lewis, Wilmer, Purcell, and Smith. During the interval, Mr. E. Amos gave an address on "Current politics."—A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the singers and speaker, and also to the chairman, the latter of which was accompanied with musical honours. A very pleasant evening was spent.

The Rushden Echo, 1st April 1898, transcribed by Kay Collins

AN INVALID NOMINATIONMr. T. M. Coleman was nominated for the Wellingborough Board of Guardians and Rural District Council. Having been filled up on a wrong form, however, the nomination is invalid.

Rushden Echo, 1st January 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

The 177 Pensioners in the Rushden Old Age Pension District, including Rushden, Irchester, Wollaston, Newton Bromswold, and Higham Park, will receive pensions amounting to £2,262 4s a year.

The Rushden Echo 30th July 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Police Court This day (Friday)
Before Messrs. A. Allebone, E. Parsons, W. Langley, G. Miller, A. W. Gent and W. Bazeley.

TheftJohn Matthews, Newton Bromshold, was charged on remand with stealing a live hen and 34 eggs, value 4/10, the property of James Harris and Son, on July 23.

Mr. J. Cairns Parker prosecuted. Evidence was given by Mr. Harris, jun., who said he found the hen and eggs in the possession of prisoner, who had been in his emply three years. Accused, who seemed to keenly feel his position and who said he had a wife and six children, was sent to gaol for two months.

Rushden Echo, 24th December 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

A gift of cakes, oranges and tomatoes has been made by Mrs. Harris, of Newton, to the V.A.D. Hospital at Higham Ferrers.

Rushden Echo, 18th August 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold
At Kettering on Wednesday, Stanley Montague Holt, Higham Park, was fined £3 for allowing a locomotive to remain stationary on the bridge at Burton Latimer on August 2nd, and £1 for not having the weight of a wagon affixed thereon.

Rushden Echo, 20th October 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Balloon descended in a field in the Newton-road leading from Higham on Tuesday, the aeronaut proving to be Warrant Officer Chippendale, of the R.N.A.S. The envelope and observation basket were packed up and despatched from Higham Ferrers by the 7.35p.m. train.

The Rushden Echo Friday 27th July 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Vicar (Rev. W. H. McCleery), besides having charge of the parishes of Newton Bromswold and Shelton, is doing national service on a farm during the greater part of the week.

The Rushden Echo Friday 24th August 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wounded – Mrs. Boddington received news on Tuesday morning from a chaplain “somewhere in France” that her son Pte. S. A. Boddington, Northants Regt. was wounded in the right arm and thigh, and adding that all is being done which possibly could be. Pte. Boddington, who was wounded on August 18th, had been spending ten days leave at home, returning to the front on August 14th. Mr. and Mrs. Boddington are anxiously waiting for further news of their son.

Rushden Echo, 12th October 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold - The Harvest Festival at the Parish Church was celebrated on Sunday.

A BIPLANE descended last night, the aviator spending the night at a farm. He left this morning, flying away in the direction of Wellingborough.

Rushden Echo, 10th August 1917, transcribed by Peter Brown

A CAKE competition for the Newton Bromswold Roll of Honour amounted to £1 1s. The winning number is 670, the cake being won by Mr S Sargeant, Griffith-st Rushden.

The Rushden Echo, 21st December 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold - The school children have sent 2s. 6d. as a Christmas gift to each of the “boys” who are serving with the Colours.

A House-to-House collection for the boys serving in the Army produced the splendid sum of £7 0s. 9d. A watch-guessing competition realised £1 6s., so that the committee were able to send 15s. to each of the Newton boys with the Colours.

Rushden Echo, 2nd August 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold
An aeroplane descended at Higham Park on Wednesday night. After a short period the aviator again ascended with his machine.

Rushden Echo, 6th December 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Anthrax—Three two-year-old bullocks belonging to Mr James Harris, of Newton Bromshold were on Sunday destroyed on account of suspected anthrax. Their diseased condition was notified to the police on Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon the cremation took place on Turnell’s Field, Rushden. Insp. Osborne supervised the proceedings, and German prisoners dug the pits. The animals destroyed were valued at £85.

Rushden Echo, 25th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

Peace Celebrations were carried out on Saturday on a generous scale, due to the generosity of Mr. Sartoris, Messrs. J. Harris, and the parishioners. At 10.30a.m. a service was held in the Church conducted by the Rev. W. H. McCleery. A cold luncheon was served in the Middle Farm Barn at noon, amongst those present being Mr. and Mrs. Sartoris, Mr. and Mrs. James Harris, jun., and the Rev. W. H. McCleery, who spoke a few words appropriate to the occasion. At the close the toast of “The King,” was proposed by Mr. Sartoris, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. Afterwards the assembly went to an adjoining field where sports were indulged in. Unfortunately this part of the day’s programme was curtailed owing to a change in the weather conditions. A return was made to the Barn, where tea and eventually supper were served and a merry time was spent, Messrs. T. and H. Bollard and Neal, (instrumentalists) contributing much to the evening’s enjoyment. At 11p.m. there was a display of fireworks by Mr. Sartoris.

Rushden Echo, 12th August 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Names of 22 parishioners of Newton Bromshold have been enrolled as members of the Rushden branch of the League of Nations Union, and practically every house in the village is represented in this number. The Newton members have promised to take part in the coming Peace Pageant at Rushden, and will probably have a decorated lorry to represent the “Peace and Plenty” which is the underlying aim of the League of Nations.

A Petition, containing the names of 171 people interested, has been sent to the Bishop asking that the Rushden Court estate should be ‘included in the parish of Newton Bromshold.’ It is suggested that the Rev. W. H. McCleery should reside in the district, and that the living of Shelton, which he also holds, should be amalgamated with some adjacent parish.

Rushden Echo, 15th July 1927, transcribed by Kay Collins

At a cricket match on Saturday a collection was made for the benefit of a member of the village team—Mr Bernard Boddington—who has been ill for the last 10 or 12 weeks and who is going to a convalescent home at Hastings. About 25s. was raised. Mr Boddington has been suffering from pneumonia.

Rushden Echo, 22nd August 1930, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromshold v Souldrop
Played on the Newton ground on Saturday, and ended in favour of the home team by 30 runs

Scores - Newton:

J Dilley

B Perkins


J Taylor

B King


A Watford

B Hales


N King

B Hales


H Homan

Not out


B Boddington

C Hales, b Shrives


C Hearne

Run out


J Robinson

C Wallis, b King


A Underwood

C Hales, B Hales


W Fensom

B King


B Woodham

B King






Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th May 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Partner whist drive was held in the Schoolroom on Saturday last and was very well attended. It had been arranged to meet the expenses incurred by the day school children at their forthcoming annual outing.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 10th September 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromshold Gifts
Land for Churchyard Extension

On Saturday the Rector of Newton Bromshold, the Rev T. Crowther Green, B.A., announced to the congregation at St. Peter’s Church that he had received from Messrs. Simpson and Mason, of Higham Ferrers and Rushden, the deed of conveyance in connection with the piece of land generously given by Mr. J. Harris for the extension of the churchyard.

Enclosed with the deed was a letter which announced that the surveyor, Mr. J. L. Wilson, of Rushden, had been kind enough to carry out his work of surveying and preparing the plan free of charge, and Messrs. Simpson and Mason had carried out the legal part of the work also without charge.

The Rector said he felt sure that all the members of St. Peter’s appreciated these gifts far more than could be expressed in words. For many years the limited accommodation in the church yard had caused very grave concern and now, by the kindness of those benefactors, the anxiety had been removed.
The Rushden Echo, 17th October 1947, transcribed by Kay Collins

Social–A social evening was held in the Hut on Saturday organised by Miss E. Boddington, choir mistress, and the members of the choir. The programme consisted of games and dancing and during the evening a solo, “Lilac Time” was sung by Mrs. C. A. Williams, who was also pianist. The competition was won by Mrs. W. Sinfield. The effort realised £7 10s. and was in aid of church funds.

The Rushden Echo, 10th October 1947, transcribed by Kay Collins

Duties of a Librarian
Miss Marion Perkins, the Rushden librarian, addressed members of Newton Bromswold and Court Estate Women’s Institute at their monthly meeting. She explained the duties of a librarian, and spoke of the necessary care and maintenance.

Hostesses for the evening were Miss G. Partridge and Mrs. R. Masters. A competition for the greatest number of autumn leaves was won by Mrs. M. Knight and Mrs. Bletsoe. The social half-hour was occupied by a W. I. members’ sketch. [Rushden Library]

Rushden Echo, 6th February 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold – Panto Visit–A visit to the pantomime awas arranged by the W.I. for the residents of Newton Bromswold and Court Estate. Four buses conveyed the party to Northampton New Theatre, where a very enjoyable evening was spent. [Jack and the Beanstalk]

Rushden Echo & Argus, 29th April 1955, transcribed by Kay Collins

At Newton Bromshold and Court Estate meeting, Mrs. Malpas gave a demonstration of "Tatting." Winners of the competition for the best article made from one yard of material were Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Watford. Hostesses were Mrs. Willmott, and Mrs. Dorrington. Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Muscutt took the social half-hour.

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