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Swan Inn

the rebuilt Swan
The rebuilt Swan Inn

Northampton Mercury, 13th September 1845

Wellingborough Petty Sessions - Beer House Case—Thos. Rootham, of Newton Bromswold, was charged by Robert John Southwell, the Rushden policeman, with keeping his house open for the sale of beer after ten o’clock at night. Mr. Murphy, who appeared on the part of Mr. Rootham, by questioning the policeman, elicited such a catalogue of misdeeds, that the magistrates stopped the investigation, and said there was enough already acknowledged on the part of the policeman to prove that he was unfit for such service, and ordered superintendent Knight too see that his case was properly represented to Chief-constable Goddard. The charge was dismissed.

Henry Smart, innkeeper 1862

 Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd April 1931

Village Inn Ablaze
Thrilling Escapes in Newton Bromswold Fire

The Swan after the fire
The burnt-out Swan Inn at Newton Bromswold after the alarming fire on Monday,
Mr. Arthur Watford and his wife and sister-in-law had exciting escapes. The fire originated in the room seen through the opening from which Mrs. Watford,
an invalid, crawled to arouse the other occupants of the house.
asome of the damage

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