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Harvest Thanksgiving 1878

Wellingborough News, 19th October 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

NEWTON BROMSHOLD —The church of this parish being under restoration, the annual service of thanksgiving for the harvest was held in the schoolroom on Friday, the 11th inst., at 7.15 pm. The schoolroom was decorated with wreaths of moss, corn, and flowers, and the window sills were filled with wheat, oats, flowers, and fern leaves. The sermon was preached by the rector, and a hymn written by him (which we print below), was sung, also "Come ye thankful people come," and "Now thank we all our God." During the singing of the latter, a collection was made for the Northampton Infirmary. The interesting old church of Newton Bromshold is now in the hands of Messrs. Green & Hull, builders, of Wellingborough, who are carrying out a contract for £400, under the superintendence of Mr. W. L. Baker, architect, of 8, Danes Inn, Strand. The work to be done under the present contract will render the church fit for service with the temporary use of chairs, but the sum of £385 is required to complete it. There will be additional expenses, bringing the whole to £830. Of this, rather more than £700 has been given or promised, including grants from the General and Diocesan Church Building Societies. Newton Bromshold is a very small, poor parish, and any help towards the completion of the sum required would be most thankfully received at the rectory.

To Thee the good Almighty God,
With grateful hearts we bow,
For mercies that we have received
In days long past, and now.

‘Tis ours the seed with care to plant,
The land to till and sow,
But when the seed is in the ground,
'Tis Thine to make it grow.

And while we watch with noxious eye,
When clouds are in the air,
'Tis Thine to keep the storm away,
And give us weather fair.

Teach us to see how all depends
On Thine unerring skill,
That we may bow with grateful hearts
To Thine Almighty will.

Let man then always do his best
To plough, and till the land;
But let him ne'er forget to own
The power of Thy hand.

Sow the good seed in all our hearts
Well nourished by Thy grace,
And make us meet while here we live,
In Heaven to see Thy face.

When Jesus comes to take account
Of seed in each heart sown,
Oh may He find us rich in faith,
And claim us as His own.

W. T.

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