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Higham Ferrers Borough Council by kind permission of the Town Clerk,
From the archive of Moyra Simmons
Transcribed and presented by Greville Watson 2012

Souvenir of the 700th Anniversary of the
First Borough Charter
and of the Festival of Britain 1951

Charter of William de Ferrers, dated 1251

TO ALL by whom these presents may be seen or heard, William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, sends Greeting :

KNOW YE that we, on Saint Gregory’s Day in the 35th year of the reign of King Henry son of King John, have granted and by this our present charter confirmed for ourselves and our heirs, that all the underwritten men of Hecham to wit :

Fulk Luft Ralph son of Walter
Adelina daughter of Laurk Walter son of Miles
Roger Berker Simon Sely
Richard Purme William Acer
William son of Fromund Andrew Acer
Miles the Butcher Hugh de Holm
William son of Ralph Halnot the Clerk
Simon Muschet Beatrice Kisse
Reginald Pruet Robert Tugeys
Elyas Pedefer Simon Burel
Margaret in Lane Peter Ingeram
William Weyte Henfrey Leuces
Bartholomew de Stanwigg Richard son of Henry
Roger son of Andrew Andrew son of Joscelin
William Stocker Simon Halpeny
Robert son of Stephen Richard de Horsholm
Matilda relict of Adam Bartholomew son of Warin
Emma relict of Nicholas son of Gelda and Alice Hasting
Hamund Muriel Parson
William de Norfolch Bartholomew de Rotelond
Thomas the Cook Andrew Grey
Ralph the Cobbler Richard son of Alan
Alice daughter of Thomas Pimme Matthew the Clerk
Roger Hende Andrew son of Andrew
Ralph son of Hugh Andrew Sweyn
Adelina Drye Richard the Fisherman
Richard Grundcert Richard Fritun
Walter Kiggel Nicholas Bunting
Ralph the Cook Walter the Skinner
William de Wittlewode Walter Kiggel
William de Wolfheg Robert Acer
Hugh at the Gate of the Church Fromund
Andrew son of William Ralph de Irtlingbure
Adam Grey Cristina de Holm
John Grey William de Bernewell
Robert son of William Hugh son of Alice
Robert Wafrur Ingrid the Widow
William son of Geoffrey William Taillor
Thomas Tredebalk Philip the Smith
Hugh Grinde John Haket
Walter Grey Muriell Bones
William Brun Hugh Ruffus
Robert de Raundes Ralph de Rylse
John the Baker Thomas son of Geoffrey
Alice la Wayte Thomas son of Godwin
Robert the Miller
Philip Faulkes

With their families (sequela), lands and tenements and all their chattels shall be free as regards ourselves and our heirs forever; so that we and our heirs henceforth shall not be able to have or exact any servitude from them or from any of their issue.  And that their lands and chattels and tenements within the town of Hecham and without, which they formerly held at our will, they shall have hold of us and our heirs for free burgages henceforth, as is contained in our charter which we caused to be made to them concerning their having a free borough in Hecham.

IN WITNESS whereof we have set our seal to these presents for ourselves and our heirs in the presence of

Hugh de Meynil, then Steward Geoffrey de Normanville
Peter de Gatesden Simon de Nevill
Payne de Sacto Philiberto Roger de Ringstead
John Bassard Matthew de Haregrave
Thomas de Everas William Maleviele
Richard de Neueton Geoffrey Ruffus
Robert de Mercinton Andrew his son
Robert the Clerk, then Thomas Chappe
Chamberlain to the Earl Osbert de Russinden
William de Rolveston Fulk of the same
Henry de Huntesdon, then Gilbert de Raundes
Steward of Hecham Reginald the Merchant
Henry de Raundes John Marshal
Richard de Gatesden John son of William de Stanwigg
Walter Cnostone Robert son of Warin de Hecham
Robert de Floribus and others.

(English translation of Inspeximus enrolled in Latin on Charter Roll 36, II. III. m.26)

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