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Youth Club

The Rushden Echo, 5th August 1966, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Where have all the boys gone? – café owners

Where have all the young men gone? This is the question which the owners of the Dayton Street Café, Rushden, and residents in the area are asking.

They are asking it for different reasons. The owners of the café want to know why the local motor cycle enthusiasts have stopped using the café, as it is bad for trade for them.

On the other hand the residents are agreeably surprised not to have revving motor cycles roaring up and down their road.


A young Dayton Street housewife, Mrs. Janet Parker, who is moving to Northampton in two weeks’ time, said that one of the reasons she was going was the continual noise created by the leather jacketed young men visiting the café.

“It is certainly quieter since the story about the café appeared in the “Echo,” although now it does not worry me as I am moving,” she said.

“I think that this, and the fact that it is the holiday period, has together contributed to the quiet period.”

It was about five weeks ago that the “Echo” printed the story about the disturbances outside the café and then action was promised by Wellingborough MP Mr. Harry Howarth, as well as the council in Rushden. The police began to keep a stricter watch on the premises during the evening.

Several of the motor cyclists have moved to quieter pastures. They have gone to Higham Ferrers Youth Club, held in the old railway station at Higham.

Mass Exodus

They feel they might as well give the money to the youth club as to the owners of the café, and by using the club they are well away from local residents.

It has certainly been a mass exodus and the café owners are asking: “Where have all the boys gone?”

The answer does not seem to worry the residents, who are having an enjoyable respite from the noise, although of course the café is by no means empty.

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