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Stanwick Church
The Church undergoing repair ?1916
The church
Church of St Laurence
From a note book of J.E.Smith‘Northampton Herald' 1856 Sept 20th

Stanwick Church
The prettily situated and very interesting Church of St Lawrence of Stanwick was re-opened on Tuesday last 16th Sept, after a thorough restoration and we cannot but congratulate the Parishioners and all who have rendered their assistance in carrying out this work and the successful result.

The Church was formerly blocked up with high pews of various sizes in the style well known to most of our readers, a large stove mounted on a high brick base in the centre aisle, a west gallery for the organ and singers done in Doric woodwork, and the really fine arch between the tower and nave completely blocked up with rough boarding, added to this the roof of the nave was of rough timber and of so low a pitch as to cut across the above mentioned arch so that a portion of it was visible outside above the lead of the roof. The tower itself was a place for coals, ladders &c. Now the whole of the seats are open and uniform and correspond we are informed with some ancient ones found in the Church, the Pulpit Prayer desk and Lectern are of oak panelled and carved, a new roof has been placed on the aisle and an entirely new roof on the Nave of the original pitch and covered with Colly-Weston Slates. This has brought the whole of the Tower arch inside and all other obstructions having been cleared away, the tower is thrown open to the church the effect of this with the simple lancet window at the west-end octafoil are both filled with glass is very good, the glass in these windows is the gift of Lord Sidmouth and is the work of Clayton and Ward. All the stonework inside has had the whitewash removed and the wall replastered. The porch has a room over the entrance to which was formerly blocked up but is now opened and a new oak door provided; the other doors are oak with ornamental Ironwork for the hinges and locks. The beautiful old font has not been made to look like new, but only cleaned & preserved. A new window has been put in the chancel and the seats there are placed stall-wise, the stonework outside has been repaired and new stone crosses placed on the gables. The work has been executed by Mr Eaton of Titchmarsh under the superintendance of Mr Slater. The morning of the re-opening was fine and a considerable number of the neighbouring Gentry & Clergy attended, among the visitors were Lord and Lady Sidmouth, The Rev & the Hon Mr H de Sausmarez, The Rev Sir Geo. L. Robinson Bart, The Ven. Archdeacon of Northampton, Rev Smyth, of Elkington Lincolnshire, R.A.Orlebar, W.Rose, W.A.Orlebar W.S.B.Whitworth, J.Day, C.Hughes, Wright, Daniels Esq.

Service at 11.30 Prayers read by Courtney Vernon (Rev), Lesson and offer by Rev T James, Sermon by Rev Canon Stanwell, from 2 Cor 3. IXV. Collection £55. Musical Portion was efficiently performed by Mr Holdich kindly presiding at the organ and doing ample justice to the sweet-full-toned instrument which he built 4 years ago. At the conclusion of the Service the doors of Mr Youngs residence & the Rectory were thrown open for the entertainment of visitors, a handsome luncheon at each. Refreshments were served at the School, the day was one of great rejoicing. In the afternoon Rev. G. Paul read Prayers, Rev. W. Smyth & Archdeacon of Northampton the lessons an admirable Sermon by Chancellor Wales from two last verses 90th Psalm. Collection £18.2.11½. Notwithstanding the liberal contribution on Tuesday and some donations since, there still remains a debt of nearly £100. We are happy to add that S. S. Eland of the Manor House, Stanwick, was the most magnificent contribution to the Church Restoration Fund, he placed a cheque for sixty pounds in the hands of the Rector for the purchase of more appropriate communion plate than the parish at present possesses.

From another note book of J.E.Smith

Stanwick Church Spire and Weathercock
On Friday March 17th 1916 the Foreman, Mr Mills, of Messrs Thompson's firm of Peterborough, invited me to go and see the Weather vane fixed. I went over, a beautiful day, like Spring. Rev. Richards asked me to play at the Service which I did; our Hymn 242, “We love the place, O God” and I extemporised two voluntaries. Mr Blacknell Junior fixed the weathercock at 4.50. Photographs were taken in Rectory Yard of the men, also from the top. Joseph Enos Smith.
Extracts from J E Smith's typed notes, now deposited at
Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) Ref: 285P/272-301

At Stanwick was born John Dolben eldest son of William Dolben.

S T P rector of the Parish and great nephew to Dr John Williams, Archbishop of York. In 1640 at the age of 15 he was a student of Christchurch Oxford. He became Archbishop of York 1682. Died of Small-pox in 1686.

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