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Extracted from the Isham of Lamport Collection by Kay Collins 2003
Owners of Arms 1660

Originally, lists were made of men aged between 16 and 60 so that in times of need they
could be called upon to serve in a military capacity. They would supply their own weapons.

A Militia Act in 1662 charged owners of property to supply men, horses and arms.

Later lists in the 1700s are titled Muster Rolls or Militia Lists and by
the 1770s the age qualification was 18 to 45.

October 1660
Wollaston A List of the names of the men of our Towne that have Armes offensive & defensive in theire poss[ess]ion.

Mr NEALE Esqur a birdin gune
yeoman Thomas HARRIAT a birdin gune & a sword
husbandman Francis SEDGWICKS a musket
yeoman John COKMAN a musket & sword
husbandman William ROASE a karbine & som horse armor
husbandman John AGUTTER junr a foulin peece
husbdm Paul PACKE a sword
husbandm John BARNGHAM a birdin gune
husbdm Richard BARNGHAM musket & sword
husbd Ralfe GILLE a sword
husbdm John LAMBE a musket
shepherd William GAMBEL a musket & sword
shepherd Georg NEALE a littel gune

A birding piece or gun          a long barrelled sporting gun

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