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Jubilee Celebrations 1926

Jubilee Celebrations committee
Jubilee Celebrations committee

It will be no surprise to the reader of the foregoing pages, recording as they do such uniform and continuous progress, that the members heartily accepted the suggestion of the Committee that the Jubilee of the Society should be fittingly celebrated. Taking time by the forelock, the Committee, as early as 1922, recommended that £20 should be set apart out of the half year's profits as an instalment towards the cost of the celebrations, and this was duly adopted. Suggestions were made for the appointment of a Special Committee to consider the form the Jubilee rejoicings should take. This Committee was elected at the February half-yearly meeting of 1926. They were soon at work drawing up a programme of events, and this ran as follows:-

(1) Excursion to London.

(2) Tea for all members and their children; baby show; sports; entertainments; and dancing.

(3) District Conference entertained.

(4) Exhibition.

(5) A short history of the Society prepared.

The first event was carried out very successfully on May 26th. A special train was chartered to convey the party to London. We were met at St. Pancras by 13 charabancs and conveyed through the principal parts of the "West End." After lunch we were again conveyed by charabancs to the "East End." As a fitting completion to the outing the party alighted at Leman for an inspection of the C.W.S. tea and other departments, and tea followed. About 320 members availed themselves of the facilities offered and 220 of attended the theatre in the evening. As this event was not run for profit we were able to give the maximum of service at a minimum charge, and the whole Hair was fully appreciated by those who participated.

There were two gala days; the first one was held at Bozeat on June 19th, and the other at Wollaston on June 26th, and fortunately the weather on both days was delightful. At each place there was a mammoth procession, headed by the Town Band. During the progress of the procession through the main streets it, appeared as if all the inhabitants had turned out to witness the event. The pride of the members, who displayed posters or had flags flying from their homes, was evident all along the route. The procession itself was made gay by a great provision of flags, mottoes, &c., several branches of the movement being given considerable prominence. Three old members were accommodated in a vehicle, the oldest being 96 years of age. A free tea was provided for all members, for members' children, and for all old age pensioners whether members or not. The baby show was a big success. Races and sports were afterwards held, and two concert parties gave excellent entertainments. The field was made gay by flags and bunting, and fire Balloons were a great attraction. The proceedings were closed by the distribution of prizes, followed by dancing. A reflex of the strength of Co-operation in both places was afforded by the large number old people who took part.

The District Conference, representing all the Societies in the Kettering and Wellingborough district, was held here on Saturday, July 17th. Mr. A. V. Alexander, M.P., addressed the conference. Delegates to the number of 105 attended and they listened very intently to a very able and useful address. The Delegates were afterwards entertained to tea by the Society. After tea comments were made on the success the Society had achieved, and one delegate went so far as to describe Wollaston as the stronghold of Co-operation in Northamptonshire. The exhibition is arranged to take place in the Parish Room, Wollaston, and, at the time of writing, the arrangements are as follows: The exhibition is to be held from Jubilee Day, November 6th, to the following Thursday inclusive. The materials for the exhibition are to be provided by the C.W.S. and the Co-operative Productive Societies. There, will be many interesting displays of foodstuffs, drapery goods, tailoring, furniture, &c. Various competitions will take place and orchestral music is to be provided. We anticipate a large attendance both at the opening ceremony to hear Mr. C. A. W. Saxton, past president of the Co-operative Congress, speak, and during the days which follow.

If any man should ask "What good results from such rejoicings?" he could be answered that it is expedient that good work should be recognised, and in what better way can we collectively express our gratitude to all the men who have done good work in connection with our Society than by jubilation.

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