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W W Chamberlain
of Higham Ferrers

On this lorry – W W Chamberlain & Sons Ltd
Higham Ferrers, Leicester & Norwich

W W Chambelain coach
On the side of this coach above the windows: Belgium, Holland, Switzerland,
W. Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.

The Rushden Echo, 14th December 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Serious Accident occurred on Wednesday at Mr W W Chamberlain’s factory to Mr W Chamberlain, jun., the proprietor’s eldest son. Whilst working a new breasting machine, he had the misfortune to get his little finger of the left hand caught in the machinery, with the result that the digit was torn off to the first joint. Since then an operation has been performed by Drs. Greenfield and Burland, and the remainder of the finger has been removed to the socket. Mr Chamberlain is now progressing favourably.

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
Chamberlain's Firemen

Notes taken from a picture mount or calendar mount - undated


Plastics factory old Walker & Gunn factory
The old Walker & Gunn factory - Chamerlain Plastics

Rushden Echo, 30th June 1967, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham firm's record profits
THE Higham Ferrers-based firm of W. W. Chamberlain (Associated Companies) Ltd., manufacturers of shoe components, leather board and plastic laminates, have for the fourth successive year made a record group profit of £259,617.

In his report to the annual meeting the chairman and joint managing director, Mr. W. R. F. Chamberlain says that this result was achieved in spite of serious economic action by the Government.

"Against this background, I consider the year’s results satisfactory," he reports.

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