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Higham Ferrers Index
villages of the Hundred
In the Domesday Book, the village was called Hecham or 'settlement on a hill', and added Ferrers in 1251, (after William de Ferrers who freed the serfs), when it was granted Borough status. It stood on a hill close to the river Nene, and evidence of the Roman occupation was unearthed during archaeological excavations prior to the northern town expansion.

Higham Ferrers was the centre of administration for the Higham Ferrers Hundred parishes.

The villages of the Higham Ferrers Hundred

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Borough of Higham Ferrers Health & Welfare
Church & Brief History St James' Chapel & Hospital
Charter of Wm de Ferrers 1251 Ambulance Corps 1898
Inhabitants 1590s Infant Deaths 1871-1893
Freeholders 1605 Accidents
Borough Settlements 1619-42 St John Ambulance Brigade
Owners of Arms 1660
Mayors 1723-1975
Freemen of the Borough 1789 Northampton Hospital 1744-1773
Market Cross Typhoid
Corporation Meeting Vaccination 1890
Council Meetings - news reports Cottage Hospital Scheme
Charity Snippets
Birthday Book 1907 Welfare Centre
Absent Voters 1927 + 1933 Old People's Welfare Committee
700th Charter Anniversary 1951
Council Officials 1951 Street Plan 1591
Freemen of the Borough 1935-1951 Poll Books 1702:1705:1730:1748:1806
Festival of Britain 1951 1721 plan
Photogallery 1951 Fitzwilliam Estate
Ancient Tenement, Wood Street
Sale in 1914 (with plans and photographs)
Town Council Meeting 1948 After 1916 Blizzard
Mayor's Annual Fair c.1975 Survey - 1965
Features of the Town c.1978 Higham Ferrers by Hugh Barty-King
Official Town Guide c.1978 Brief Village History & Trade Directories
The Queen's visit 1965 Manor Court
The Queen's visit 1985 Council Meetings - news reports
Housing Stock 1957 A Gallery of Photographs
'Mapestry' 2012 Postcards
Photo Gallery 2012 Then & Now
Registrar of Births etc. The Walnut Tree - postcards
Tokens, Medals & Coins The Walnut Tree - a poem
The Wharf
Church Weather - see under Rushden
St Mary's Church - mainpage Coffee House & Reading-room

Meeting Houses

Parish Rooms
Bedehouse & Bedesmen Demolition
Compton Census 1676 Dovecotes
Religious Census 1851
Miscellaneous notes
YMCI Tokens, Medals & Coins
New Vicarage 1955 Artistic drawings
Tollbar Estate - Council housing
Non-conformity Development plans 1956
Wesleyan Chapel Rushden & Higham Mourn the King 1952
Employment Statistics

District Statisitics - Births & Deaths
Band of Hope Union & Outing 1898 Aerial View 2002
Baptist Mission Benchmarks
Temperance Listed Buildings

Commerce Land, Property & Taxation
Index Mills
Co-operative Society Hearth Tax
Trade Directories Window Tax 1750
Land Tax 1801
Adverts Bedehouse & Bedesmen
Chamber of Trade [under Rushden] Housing Sold 1947
Chemists Council Housing 1947
Inns John White Close 1951

Fitzwilliam Estate
Freehold Land Society
Licensing Sales
Post Office New Vicarage 1955
Shops - gallery
Telephone 1906/7 People
Trade Snippets Index
Shoe Trade - more under Rushden A Gallery of Photographs
'Jolley' Memorial Found
Pack Family & Co-op Boot Factory
Nicknames in the 1920s
Upton Family

Birthday Book 1907
Gas Company - Amalgamation? Memories of Mary Fennell
Gas - Electricity - Water - under Rushden
Electricity at Higham Sport & Leisure
Coffee House & Reading-room
Prize Fight 1885

Football Contest 1886 - 16 local teams

Football Club - mainpage

Grammar School Higham Ferrers Town Sports Ltd
Board School - mainpage Chichele Society
Lecture 1890 Combined Brigades Rally
County Scholarships Cricket
Campbell House School Cycling Club
Workers Education Assoc. 'Excelsiors' Football
Ferrers Tennis Club
St Mary's Football Team

Alan Cobham & Aeroplane
Events, Fetes and Carnivals (in date order) Wesleyan Sunday School Football
Fat Stock Show 1889 Fitzwilliam Hunt 1951
Feast 1890 Lancaster Lodge - A O of Buffaloes
Coronation 1902 Recreation Ground
Bazaar 1904 Cubs & Scouts
Tickets - various events Scouts
Cycle Parade 1909 Rushden & Higham Rugby Club
Coronation 1911 Townswomens' Guild 1948
Fete and Sports 1912 Trefoil Guild
Parade and Concert pictures c1920 Leisure - snippets
Market Day 1924 Outings
Pageant 1925 Pony & Galloway Races 1922
Hospital Day 1930 Free Gardeners - Grape Vine Lodge
Pageant 1936 'Material Girls'
Parade 1937 Band Club
Market Day Queens 1937 Rotary Club
Alan Cobham & Aeroplane Working Mens' Club
Carnivals Youth Club
Co-op Outings 1950s
Coronation Festivities 1953 Transport
1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Railway
1965 The Queen's Visit Toll Gate House
1985 Queen Visits Duchy Estates Traffic lights
Old Car from Higham Ferrers?
United Counties

Fire, Police & Crime War & Wartime
Presentments 1693-1790 Civil War Money 1643
Prisoners - Calendars Militia Lists
Quarter Sessions Cases Boer War
Court Reports St John Ambulancemen Boer War
Assoc. for Prosecution of Felons Volunteers 'H' Company
Fire Brigade War Memorial
Fire 1882
Soldiers Notes WWI
Firemen - Competitions Rolls of Honour - fundraising
Index of Fires Roll of Honour at Charles Parker's
PC Powell Prisoners of War

Belgian Refugees
Genealogy Special Constables
Census Territorials - see under Rushden
Wills Index Tribunals
Badgers Licences (traders) Wartime Fire Brigade
Gamekeepers Air Raid Precautions
Hair Powder Certificates 1796/7 Armistice Commemoration Service
Inquests Index (Northampton reports) V A D Hospital
Parish Registers VTC 1915
Blackberry Picking 1918
Obituaries Index
Spitfire Fund - see under Rushden
Board of Guardians War Weapons Week - see under Rushden
Dates and Abbreviations Book Collections WWII - see under Rushden
WGS Roll of Honour - see under Rushden
Miscellaneous Soldiers Notes WWII
Autograph Collection? D F C Awards
Assoc. for Prosecution of Felons Wartime snippets
Territorials - see under Rushden
News Clips
Index Page Those Who Served
Victory Day - 1946
Poem VJ Party in Westfield Street
Higham Ferrers by Pat Bird

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