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Northampton Mercury, July 26th 1862, transcribed by Susan Manton

Eccentric Wedding
Denton - Brown

On Saturday last a most singular wedding took place in Wollaston, between George Denton and Sarah Brown, two eccentricities of the place. The whole village turned out to witness the spectacle.

The church bells rang out their best, and soon the happy couple were seen emerging from the doors, preceded by the policeman in his official character; at the entrance to the church yard they were joined by a swain with a large can of ale and mug, and on reaching a spot opposite the clergyman’s house a halt was made and the bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids, etc. imbibed the whole contents of the can. The Wollaston Brass Band then struck up and headed the procession to the bridegroom’s house; two men carrying a piano, covered with white, on a bier, like a funeral. After refreshing themselves, several presents, such as bread, potatoes, cakes, bottle of gin, ale, etc were made to the happy pair, a new procession was organised and in this manner they paraded the whole village. First, a huge man representing “Gog” strode in front, followed by four men with drawn swords, then a lady with hat and veil, wheeled in a baker’s truck representing the goddess “Juno”, then a brass band; after that the bridegroom adorned with helmet; with him walked his smiling bride, followed by a youth in military attire, carrying a banner and another youth, playing violincello, enthroned upon a board carried by six others. After these the ringers with their handbells and then a motley crowd whose cheers at times made the welkin ring. In this manner all the principal houses of the village were visited where the procession halted and presents, in the shape of crockery, cash etc., were collected.

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