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The Rushden Argus July 9th 1920, transcribed by Susan Manton
Mr. Lockie

This photograph will prove interesting to the older bootmakers amongst us. The boots were a pair of Army boots made in 1872 by Mr. Lockie – who is seen holding one of them – for Messrs. Nichols and Son of Raunds, and were rejected on account of a flaw in the insole. Mr. Lockie then lived at Ringstead and several years afterwards when he removed to Kettering (he now lives in Dryden Street) he was given an opportunity of purchasing them.

The boots have never been worn and Mr. Lockie still keeps them in spite of repeated offers to buy. The boots are hand welted and hand stitched so that although the upper leather has lost its “nature” they are still solid and they remain an interesting relic of the time when such boots could be turned out at a cost of about 2s per pair.

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