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Rushden Echo, 17th July 1931, transcribed by Kay Collins
British Legion Fete at Yelden
Successful Event Opened by Mrs. Loch
Effort for Legion Funds and Bedford Hospital

In celebration of the tenth birthday of the British Legion, which is being celebrated by brunches up and down the country, the Yelden and Melchbourne Branch of the Legion held a fete at Yelden on Saturday, in grounds kindly placed at their disposal by Mr. T. H. Hawkey.

Their effort was in aid of the Legion funds and also of the Bedford Hospital.

A large crowd attended, and favoured with fine weather, enjoyed the attractive programme which had been arranged.

The opening ceremony was performed by Mrs. S. G. Loch, wife of General Loch of Pertenhall, who is actively associated with local village branches of the Legion.

Mrs. Loch was introduced by Col. Wade, of Dean. The local branch, he said, started with Yelden then it took in Melchbourne, and had recently taken in Dean. The object of the British Legion was particularly that of welfare of ex-Service men who took part in the Great War.

Col. Wade said that in a small village where so many of them were getting on years, they had not got the enterprise and energy to think, out new ideas, and had to depend a good deal on the younger ones.

Referring to the opener, he remarked that the committee were grateful to Mrs. Loch for consenting to open the fete, she had been helping admirably in their effort.

Mrs. Loch, who then addressed the company, said: "We are new friends but I hope we shall be firm friends in the future. We are today celebrating the 10th birthday of the British Legion and it is well sometimes to remind ourselves of these things." Mrs. Loch referred to the comradeship of the Great War and Lord Haig's efforts in the formation of the British Legion. She also noted and agreed with Col. Wade in that as they were getting on efforts would have to be made by the younger ones.

Mrs. Loch returned thanks to the Legion for their welcome and appealed for a generous support of the fete and its objects.

Following the opening of the fete, the Rushden Town Band, which was in attendance during the day, played the National Anthem during which the Union Jack was hoisted.

A vote of thanks to Mrs. Loch was proposed by Commander Bashford, R.N., who said: "I must thank Mrs. Loch for kindly coming here this afternoon to open the fete for us." Mrs. Loch was a very busy lady and he believed all her Saturdays were booked up until Christmas time!

Commander Bashford thanked all those who were helping at the fete, and said although he did not wish to mention any individual names, he must thank Mr. Hawkey for lending his property, for which they were most grateful.

Seconding the vote of thanks the Rev. H. Paddick thanked Mrs. Loch for her kindness and for the branch in carrying out their admirable work.

Miss Freda Ford then, presented Mrs. Loch with a bouquet.

A feature of the day was a motorcycle gymkhana which was greatly enjoyed by all present. There was also folk dancing, lawn tennis tournaments, dancing, sideshows and numerous other attractions. The fete grounds, tennis courts and dance lawn were kindly lent by Mr. Hawkey.

The stalls and stall-holders were as follow: Bran pie, Mrs. Paddick; cakes and games, Mrs. Boulnois, of Melchbourne; cakes and sweets, Mrs. Wade, of Dean; fortune telling, Mrs. Hornsby; aeroplanes, Mr. Hornsby and Mr. Benning; bowls, Mr. Pott, of Dean; spinning cricketers, Mr. Brown, of Dean; tea tent, the Yelden honorary members and institute and Mrs. Whitehead, of Shelton; refreshment and beer tent, Mr. Watford, of Newton. Commander Bashford, of Melchbourne, had the general arrangements in hand assisted by the secretary, Mr. Chapman and others.

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