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Rushden Echo, September 1941
Golden Wedding At Yelden

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Childs Head a Patriotic Family

Mr. and Mrs. Albert George Childs, of Yelden, Beds., have just celebrated their golden wedding, but two sons who are on full-time war service missed the family party in the country cottage.

The family has a good patriotic record. Mr. Childs himself served overseas with the R.A.S.C. in the last war. Of the four surviving sons, Wilfred is with the Observer Corps on the East Coast, Albert George (Bob) is in Iceland as a military policeman, Arthur serves in the N.F.S. and William Edward belongs to the Home Guard.

There are four grandchildren also, and the eldest is in the R.A.F.

Mr. Childs was born at Rushden and his wife (nee Mary Elizabeth Johnson) came from Yardley Hastings, the wedding taking place at Rushden on September 21, 1891. Both continue to enjoy fairly good health, and Mr. Childs still works in agriculture. He is a keen gardener, and his wife still gives him a useful hand in the cottage garden, where they have always an abundance of flowers. Three telegrams and a cablegram were received by the couple at the anniversary.

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