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Court Reports
Reports from the Newspapers

Wellingborough News, 26th August 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Before Messrs. H. H. Green and E. B. Watson.

Robert Lines (14), of Newton Bromswold, was charged with stealing a quantity of onions, value 1s., from a garden, at Yeldon, on the 6th inst., the property of Thomas Wagstaff, innkeeper. He was committed to prison, for seven days, with hard labour.

Wellingborough News, 16th September 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

SHARNBROOK PETTY SESSIONS [Frida]y, 8th Sept., 1882
Magistrates present: ... H. Green, and Capt. Pearson

[Thomas] Pestall, of Yelden, shoemaker, was [charged] with damaging a fence belonging to Wm. [Clarid]ge, farmer, at Yeldon, by gathering nuts on ult.—The case was proved by P.C. Purser. [Fined] ..2s. 8d., and 8s. 6d. costs. [edge of paper is missing]

Wellingborough News, 18th October 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

Tuesday, Oct. 14.—Before Mr. T. R. Bennett, deputy judge.

DISPUTE OVER A PONY DEALEdwin Chettle, Rushden-hill, v. John Wagataff, Yeldon.—Plaintiff claimed 15s. as balance of commission on a pony deal. Defendant denied that the amount was due, and there being a direct conflict of evidence, his Honour adjourned the case for a month to allow the defendant to produce a witness.

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