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Methodists at Yelden

The first non-conformists at Yelden would have met in private houses. In 1689 they could register their property for such meetings with the Quarter Sessions Court.

The first reference for Yelden, was in 1789 when the house of John Wadsworth was so licenced in August. In 1798 the house of Thomas Mee, and in 1834 the house of Thomas Sykes had been certified as the village meeting house.

Then in 1840 a deed of gift of a piece of ground owned by William Wyldes was signed for the "building of a Wesleyan Chapel" in Spring Lane, and a peppercorn rent charged. The plot was 18 feet wide and 24 feet long.

In 1884 the foundation stones for a new chapel on the same site were laid by Mr. H. J. Mills of Wellingborough and Mr. J. Wyldes of Yelden. The architect was John Blunt. In October a new Trust was set up with fifteen trustees.

A new deed was signed in 1949 when new trustees were appointed. Electricity was installed in 1950 and the £50 cost was covered by a gift from a decendant of William Clarke who had emigrated from the village to Australia, William having died in 1881 at Norwood in South Australia.

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