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Walter Phillips - Glebe Farm

Walter Phillips came to Yelden in about 1934 and he farmed at Glebe Farm.
Walter Phillips' cart
Walter Phillips taking the village children for a ride in his cart in 1935

Walter took the children for a ride from Yelden to Newton & round the top road
towards the air base (this road was closed in the 1950's) and back to Yelden.
Frank Toone's sister is the tall girl wearing a hat, standing above the rear wheel.
Frank is wearing a flat cap, peering round from behind her.
Keith Phillips is the blonde boy in the white shirt, behind his Dad.

The crash site
Taken from the barracks site showing the burnt out barracks & looking across to where the bungalow stood (there is a fireman still working there). In the background (top right) is the old milking parlour.
In the centre is the remains of the tailplane of the B17G.
Photos courtesy of Mike Phillips

Walter Phillips with his wife and son

Tragedy struck the family when a bomb fell in the village in 1944 and their two children perished. They were Keith Phillips aged 14 and his sister Monica, a schoolgirl aged nearly five.

Walter converted the old milking parlour into a house and they lived there for ten years.

Their son Michael was born shortly after the bomb. He is pictured left, with his parents in 1950.

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