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Wartime - Notes

Rushden Echo, 19th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden - The War—Among the recent enlistments are the following:- H. York, R. Robinson, B. Bone, J. Rogers, W. Hodgkins, F. Shortland, H. Ford, S. Deadman, G. Sharp, L. Hodgkins, R. Hodgkins, G. Wagstaff, A. Kennel. Others serving and previously joined are as follows:- E. York, A. Ford, C. Ekins, A. Cowley, E. Deadman, H. Langley, W. Shortland, and W. Ekins making a total of 21 from a population of 140.

Rushden Echo, 3rd March 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden & Rushden Families United
The marriage of Miss Kate Elizabeth Richardson, eldest daughter of Mr. William Richardson, 1, Essex-road, Rushden, to Corpl. Joseph Arch Ford, eldest son of Mrs. John Pestal, Yelden, took place at St. Mary’s Church, Rushden, on Saturday. The bridesmaids were her sister, Miss Elsie Richardson, and Mrs. Richardson (the bride’s sister-in-law). The bride was given away by her father. The duties of best man were carried out by Mr. Alfred William Richardson (eldest brother of the bride). The bridegroom is Corporal and Pioneer and has been serving in France.

Rushden Echo, 14th July 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden—Exemption until Oct. 15 was granted by the Rural District Tribunal on Tuesday on the application of Mr. Hawkey, farmer, Yelden, for John E. Campion, horseman, and Horace Cowley, stockman and horseman, both aged 19. The Chairman said the Tribunal did not like to let off young men aged 19 when there were married men with families.

Rushden Echo, 10th November 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

An Aeroplane descended in the open fields yesterday. It was a two-seater machine and contained pilot and observer. It was bound for Rugby, we understand, and the pilot had lost his way. Descending to enquire his whereabouts the machine was damaged in the descent and failed again to rise. A telegram was sent to Rugby for assistance, we understand, and the airmen were entertained to lunch by Mr. Hawkey, a special constable being left in charge of the machine meanwhile.

Rushden Echo, 2nd March 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Exempted Man’s Arrest — The case of the man George Sharp, of Yelden, who was arrested while holding a certificate of exemption, was again brought up at the sitting of the Bedford Rural District Tribunal on Monday. Mr. W. G. Daniels (clerk) said he had written to the Local Government Board, who replied that they were communicating with the War Office. He also wrote to the employer, Mr. C. Fenton, asking certain questions, the replies to which were that P.C. Stevens, of Dean, arrested Sharp. The certificate of exemption was in the possession of Sharp, and the military were informed that he had the exemption. It was stated that the man was still in the Army. — Mr J.H.C. Robinson (agricultural representative) said the man was wanted on the land. Mr. Robinson added, “I am going to the House of Commons tonight, and I shall speak to some of my friends to get them to put a question on the paper.

Rushden Echo, 27th April 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Tribunal—Mr Hawkey, farmer, Yelden, appealed on Monday for Horace Cowley, 18, Stockman. The application was refused, the youth to be substituted in a month. Mr. Hawkey said that if they took his man he could not do the impossible.

The Rushden Echo, 7th December 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden - For the Soldiers—On Friday evening last a very successful whist drive and dance rook place in the school, for the laudable purpose of sending presents to Yelden soldiers at the front and elsewhere. A very large company attended both the whist drive and the dance. The prizes at the former were given, for the gentlemen, by Mr Hawkey (viz. a hare and a couple of rabbits), and Mrs Fenton and Mrs Howes Smith gave two ladies’ prizes. The prize-winners were: gentlemen, Mr Papworth and Mr Adams; ladies, Mrs Newham and Miss J Simpson. The dance that followed was much enjoyed. Wartime provisions were sold, including apples, etc. As all the refreshments and everything was given, a nice sum was realised. With entrance money, sale of tickets, and several donations, there will be about £9, which will be divided and sent to the Yelden “boys.”

Rushden Echo, 5th April 1918, Transcribed by Kay Collins

Aeroplane Wreck — A machine containing pilot and observer came to grief on the open fields yesterday, the aviator, we understand, having lost his direction. In the descent the machine alighted on sloping ground, and owing to insufficient speed was unable to rise with the consequences that it collided with the mantlet of rifle butts and became a total wreck. It is only owing to the fact that the occupants were strapped in their places that they escaped with their lives. The aeroplane was placed under a guard of police, who were subsequently relieved by a contingent of the Rushden Volunteers, under Lieut. G R Turner and C.S.M. Beardsmore.

Rushden Echo, 24th May 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Exemption for six months was granted by the County Tribunal yesterday week in the case of F. H. Campion and Ashley Hodgkins, and the appeal for Horace Cowley was dismissed. Mr. T. H. Hawkey, the employer, said the work on the farm was much behind.

Rushden Echo, 22nd November 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden – For the Soldiers – A very enjoyable whist drive and dance took place in the School last Saturday evening, the object being to send Christmas presents to Yelden soldiers. Many kind friends not only gave their time, but also contributed most liberally to the very good refreshments provided, which made it a great success. Mr Adams was the very able M.C. for the whist drive, and Mr Hailes for the dance. The prizes were given by Mr Hawkey and Mr Whitehead. The prize-winners were: Ladies, 1 Miss Knighton (two rabbits), 2 Mrs Jackson: Gentlemen, 1 Mr Coles (a hare), 2 Mr Macdonald: consolation prizes, Miss Martin and Mrs Carman. Mrs W Smith kindly organised a doll’s name guessing competition, which made the splendid sum of 17s. 0d.; Miss Wicks, with a competition for guessing the number for a box of handkerchiefs, contributed 5s., and Mrs Coles, with a mystery box, 10s. 7d. Great amusement was caused when Mr T Hawkey undertook the duties of auctioneer, selling off the surplus refreshments and the doll, etc. The total sum realised was £11 10s. 0d.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 9th June 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden - Target SmashedThe target of £150 set for this small village was well exceeded, over £400 being raised during Salute the Soldier Week. The public functions concluded with a well-attended social held in the Schoolroom last Friday evening. The programme consisted of a musical play, well acted by the Girl Guides, a comic item by Mr. R. Sharp, and a humorous duet, “The Two Beggars” by the Rev. R Paddick and Mr. Castle. Results of the competitions were given as follows: Bottle of whiskey, given by Mr. T. H. Hawkey, won by Mr. Castle; bottle of gin, given by Mrs. Cole, winner not known as yet; chicken given by Mr. Castle, won by Mrs. Wagland; eggs given by Mrs. Wicks and Mrs. Castle, won by Mrs. Smith; tomatoes given by Mrs. S. Wildman, won by Mrs. E. George. Various other articles were given for sale and included a bottle of home-made wine from Mrs. Wicks, a plant from Mrs. Hodgkins and tomatoes from Mr. Castle. Refreshments were served and dancing followed. Proceeds of the social amounted to £46.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 10th November 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Yelden - Dance—A successful dance was held in the Institute in aid of the local Service Members’ Gift Fund. Mr. H. Castle was M.C. and the music was supplied by the Rushden Impregnable Players. A competition for a bottle of whiskey, organized by Mr. J. George, was won by Segt. T. L. Euriga, U.S.A. The total profit on the dance was £13 14s. 8d.

Soldiers' Notes

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