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By Don Annis, 2009
Yelden in the 1930s

Some Yelden photographs contributed by Mr. Don Annis who was born in Yelden in 1927. He now lives in the Peterborough area and called in our shop, when in Rushden visiting relatives. As we talked, he said he was from Yelden. I showed him the information on the website and he was very interested. This morning he came back in especially to bring these photos.

                      (Donna, 2011)

Sunday school Harvest Festival - c1939.

Back left - Freda Ford (Blacksmith's daughter).
Front from left - Edna Annis, Pam Hodgkins, Don Annis, Peter Annis, Doreen
Annis, Keith Philips (he was the lad who got killed in the plane crash.)
children not known but thought possibly to be evacuees.
Family group in front of thatched cottage (still there) Church Street. Back from left - Edna Annis, Joyce Annis (Mother), Jane Annis.
Front - Margerie Annis. c1950

The family lived at the cottage at one time. They also lived at Middle Lodge cottages.
Starting from Newton end of High Street, as remembered by Don Annis in 2009, talking about his home village of the 1930s.
Surname Notes
Wicks High Street
Mancini High Street
Ekins Brook Cottage, High Street (demolished)
Clark cottage and house, High Street, fortune teller
Smith High Street
Stapleton Top Farm, High Street
Benning High Street
Wilton High Street
Wagland High Street
Wildman thatched cottage over brook, High Street
Barnes cottage over brook, High Street
George Chequers Pub, High Street
Wicks Middle Farm, High Street
Nicholson High Street
Ford corner house, High Street (pink now), blacksmith
Wicks Blacksmith Yard, High Street
Childs Long Spur, High Street
Cotton Council House, High Street (built after War)
Clark Council House, High Street (built after War)
Toone Spring Lane (moved to Newton) (demolished)
Cotton Spring Lane (moved to Council House)
Hodgkins Spring Lane, Council road sweeper
Hodgkins Spring Lane, hairdresser
Coles High Street, Post Office/shop
Cowley Spring Lane
Hollaway Spring Lane
Cowley Spring Lane
Rawlins Spring Lane, carpenter
Robinson Spring Lane
Campion Spring Lane
Tysoe Spring Lane
Ball Chelveston Road
Pakes Chelveston Road, School House
Reynolds Chelveston Road, School House
Wagstaff Chelveston Road, Red House Farm
Phillips Church Lane
Paddick Church Lane, Rector
Miley Church Lane, farm
York Church Lane
Robinson Church Lane
Annis Church Lane (moved to Middle Lodge)
Eaton Church Lane
Hawkey Church Lane, Manor House
Bradshaw Church Lane, Bottom Farm
Pestel Church Lane, Bottom Farm, midwife
Cox Church Lane, Bottom Farm
Wildman Cottage on Green, schoolteacher
Annis Middle Lodge
Hodgkins Middle Lodge
49 houses

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(l-r) George Annis, ?, Joe Ekins & Ken Barnes
taken in a field at Yelden, c1937
Brothers on the gate - Ken, Hedley & Derek Barnes
George Annis with his daughter Doreen Annis with the shirehorse. c1934
Jim Hodgkins and George Annis - workers at Manor farm with the carthorse. Their families lived at Middle Lodge - tied cottages (semi). c1934
From Left - ?Harbour, front kneeling ? & Dennis Harbour with cigarette, Centre William Payne - Legs up - Ralph Annis and Cyril Harbour. c1938
Youth Club - Athletics in the field!
Ralph Annis 3rd from left and Cyril Harbour back right
On the Sunday school steps
Back: (l-r) Carolyn Hilton &
Peter Annis.
Middle: Pauline ?
Front: (l-r) Lily Irene Cotton & Ann Robinson - c1950
Sunday school

Names not known

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