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Salvation Amy

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 2nd December 1949, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Old Citadel Demolished
Demolition workers were to-day removing the last few bricks from the old building in Queen Street which for years was the centre of Salvationism in Rushden.

The Barracks
The Queen St Citadel built in 1888
Although their work will mean the elimination of one of the greatest traffic danger spots in the town and pave the way for the smartening up of Rectory Road which has been mentioned in the “one way street” scheme for the town’s artery many older Rushden people will view the change with regret.

The Queen Street Citadel, an oblong brick building, was recently bought by Rushden Urban Council as part of the Rectory Road improvement scheme. Its demolition was made possible by the fact that in the last two years, the Rushden Corps of the Salvation Army have acquired the spacious well-built new headquarters in Church Street which in previous years was the Congregational Church.

The Old Citadel, jutting out into the road at a blind corner has meant a slowing up of Rectory Road traffic for many years, and as the East side of the town grew in importance, the spot became more and more dangerous.

Commented Major W. Price of the Salvation Army: “It was only the other day when we marched past with the band, that I said that the old building must be a reservoir of sacred memories for many. Although we are far better placed to-day many of the older people will feel a tinge of sorrow at the thought of its end.”

But Mr. Alexander Millar, Rushden’s Surveyor, is a man who is more concerned with the future than the past. “It will mean that we shall be able to have a full-width of road,” he told us. “It will mean that traffic will be able to go up that part of Rectory Road both ways and make the spot less dangerous.”

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