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Complied by Miss Wendy Lamb, by kind permission of the Editor in Chief of Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, Kettering, 1983.
Salvation Amy - News clips 1928 &1929

The Rushden Argus and Rushden Echo 1928

13.1.28 Argus

This weeks programme for the Baptist Band of Hope was provided by members of the Salvation Army Life Saving Guards at the invitation of Mr J T Richardson who also presided. The group was under the leadership of Guard Leaders G E M Fairey and C. Dunmore.

3. 2.28  Echo

The Salvation Army had a visit from Park Road Baptist Boy Singers on Tuesday the hall being crowded. Mr A G H Dickens presided. Speeches of welcome were made by the Ensign, Mr George Bayes and SM Dix. The proceeds were for the Sunday School funds.

10.2.28  Echo

About 50 members of the Rushden Salvation Army Band were entertained to a capital dinner at the Waverley Hotel on Friday evening last by Mr George Bayes. Speeches of thanks to the host were made by Adj Ridge, M Giles and SM Dix, Mr Bayes suitably replying. After dinner a happy time was spent at music and games.

6.4.28  Argus

Two BB flat monster bass instruments were, on Monday evening, presented to the Rushden Salvation Army Band by Commissioner Wilson, of the Salvation Army Trade Headquarters, London, assisted by Major James of Northampton. The ceremony took place at the Independent Wesleyans Schools, where a large company enjoyed selections by the Rushden and Wellingborough Bands. SL Scholes, SM Dix, a Wellingborough vocal party and bandsman Rowthorn gave further popular items of music and elocution. Mr J Hornsby JP (chairman of the UDC) presided, and others on the platform were Mr  H  Endersby, Mr S W Bull, Mr J J Houghton (Wellingborough), Mrs James, Adj Ridge and Lieut Mills. At the close Adj Ridge, by whom the arrangements were made, in conjunction with bandsman W Giles, warmly thanked the Commissioner and other visitors.

15.4.28  Echo

Rushden was visited over the weekend by a party of 12 cadets from the Salvation Army Training Garrison, London, in the charge of Captain Dawra. On Thursday night a welcome meeting was held at the Rushden Headquarters and on Good Friday special meetings were held at  the hall. On Saturday night the cadets held a special open air meeting entitled The Challenge of the Cross. The cadets conducted various meetings in Rushden and Higham Ferrers in turns on Saturday and on Sunday night Captain Clements conducted the meeting.  On Monday night a special demonstration, The Greatest Treasure, was given, by the cadets. The collections over the weekend, which realised about £13, were for the  cadets expenses and the local corps.

10.5.28  Echo

Among the 2,000 changes of Salvation Army Officers made during last weekend Adj Ridge and Lieutenant Mills of the Rushden Corps changed with Ensign and Mrs Ozanne of Coventry. The new officers were welcomed at Rushden Salvation. Army Hall on Saturday evening by a large assembly of members, SM Dix presiding. Ensign and Mrs Ozanne conducted all the usual services on Sunday.

25.5.28 Echo

The Rushden Salvation Army Band gave a programme of sacred and popular melodies in Spencer Park on Sunday afternoon. Owing to the uncertain state of the weather there was not a very large company present.

31.8.28 Argus and Echo

There were special celebrations at the Salvation Army Hall for the Band weekend. A visit was received from BM and Mrs. Marshall of South Shields and from Kettering and Wellingborough Salvation Army Bands. BM Marshall who met with an accident in a coal pit years ago, rendering his legs useless, has since done splendid work for 10 years for the Salvation Army by composing band music. In that capacity he is one of the foremost in the movement. Mrs Marshall is also very capable as a musician, conducting bands with ease and efficiency. BM Marshall has travelled thousands of miles aided by his wheelchair. The Kettering Band gave a musical festival on Saturday evening in the hall, in two selections being conducted by Mrs Marshall. There was a crowded attendance, BM Marshall presiding. On Sunday there was a devotional service at 11am and in the afternoon the Rushden Salvation Army Band gave a musical festival, the items being solely of Bandmaster Marshall's composition. In the playing of one, the band was conducted by Mrs Marshall. The Bandmaster presided. On Monday night Wellingborough Band gave a fine programme in the Queen Street Schools, closing the celebrations.

21.9.28 Echo

Young People's Harvest Festival services were held at the Salvation Army Hall on Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday services were conducted by Ensign Ozanne. Special items were given by the children at the afternoon meeting and the band and songsters rendered selections.

28.9.28 Echo

Band concerts were given in Rushden on Feast Sunday. The Salvation Army Band gave a programme in Spencer Park in the afternoon and they had a good audience in spite of the cold weather.

5.10.28  Echo

The Salvation Army who for many years past have held open air services near the post office at 7pm on Saturdays were, asked if  they could see their way to close the meeting a little earlier than, usual last Saturday night so that an advertised Liberal  campaign meeting might be held at 7.30pm and they courteously consented to do so. Councillor J Allen, the chairman of the Liberal meeting, in opening the proceedings expressed thanks to the officers of the Salvation Army.

12.10.28  Echo

A very delightful festival was held in the Salvation Army Hall on Monday of instrumental music and songs by the Wollaston. Salvation Army Band, presided over by Cpt Allies. One of the most appreciated items of the evening was a meditation on the hymn tune Lead Kindly Light. A very profitable evening was spent.

19.10.28 Echo

A special series of programmes is being given at the Salvation Army Hall on Sunday afternoons. The speaker on Sunday was SL Scholes who dealt with the subject 'The Relationship between Singing and Divine Worship'. Following was an instrumental quartette by members of the band, a pianoforte solo by Miss Ethel Hardwick and a song by the Male Voice Party.

26.10.28 Echo

A festival of music and songs was given in the Salvation Army Hall on Monday by the choir under the directorship of SL Scholes, Mr C W Lingard presided, supported by Ensign Ozanne. The music sung and played entirely consisted of the great masters. Refreshments were provided and the proceeds were for the choir funds.

7.12.28 Echo

Songsters and instrumentalists from the Rushden Salvation Army gave a musical festival in the Wellingborough Road Mission Hall on Wednesday in aid of the Mission renovation fund. The arrangements had been made by the Christian Endeavour Society. Mr W S Bull presided over a large gathering. The songsters items included the pieces Unison, My Shepherd, Perfect Peace and Abide with Me. SM Dix gave the monologues 'A Waifs Paradise' and 'A Funny Old World'. Bandsman T Giles played the cornet solo, The Deliverer, and he and Bandsman W Giles gave the cornet duet, Entre Nous. Sister Hardwick played on the piano Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. SL Scholes sang The Lord is my Light and BM Giles played Silver Threads as a cornet solo. On the motion of Mr A Robinson president of the Christian Endeavour, seconded by the Rev E E Bromage thanks were accorded the artistes. Refreshments were served by the social committee.

The Rushden Argus and Rushden Echo 1929

15.3.29 Argus and Echo

The Rushden Salvation Army Corps received a visit on Sunday from the Kettering Salvation Army Band who gave concerts in the Palace in the afternoon and evening. The band also rendered the music in the morning and at 6pm. At the Palace on Sunday afternoon Councillor A Wilmott presided, in the absence through indisposition, of Mr J Knight. On Saturday a Songster Festival was contributed to at the Salvation Army Hall is Rushden and Northampton 2nd Songsters. On Monday a musical programme was given, Mr E Lack presiding.

5.4.29 Argus

The wedding of two Salvation Army Songster Leaders, Mr William Scholes and Miss Winifred Giles, which took place at Rushden Salvation Army Hall in the presence of a large gathering, which included members of the Band and Songsters. All the members of the bridal party were in uniform. The happy pair passed under a novel archway of musical instruments.

26.4.29  Echo

A writer sends what he says is an overdue appreciation of the Rushden Salvation Army Band who gave a concert in Spencer Park on Sunday afternoon last. He says he regards them as the best band in the town especially as they are non paid, self taught and turn out regularly four times every weekend. The other bands of the town can claim to be non paid and self taught but we had heard it said that the best cornet soloist in Rushden is to be found in the Salvation Army Band.

3.5.29 Echo

One of the oldest members of the Salvation Army passed away on Wednesday week in the person of Mrs Emma Warr of 96 Park Road, Rushden, aged 77yrs. The deceased was a native of Nassington, Peterborough. She had been ailing for a long time but a stroke a fortnight ago accelerated her death. Three sons and one daughter are left. The funeral took place on Friday, Ensign Mrs Carrotte, a former officer at Rushden, and now of Leicester, assisted by Ensign Ozanne, conducting a service in the home. A memorial service to the late Mrs Warr was held at the Salvation Army Hall, Rushden, on Sunday evening. The service was conducted by Ensign Ozanne and favourite hymns of the deceased were sung.  SM J Dix and band sergeant W Seamarks spoke of the good services of the deceased to the cause.

2.8.29 Echo

BM G Marshall of South Shields, deputy bandmaster for the North, and an invalid as the result of a colliery accident, visited Rushden during the weekend on behalf of the Salvation Army. On Saturday about 150 sat down to a tea given by Mr George Bayes in the Salvation Army Hall and in the evening the Northampton No1 Band played, Mr Marshall presiding. On Sunday afternoon BM Marshall conducted from his chair a programme of his own compositions and arrangements rendered by the Rushden Band and Songsters. The Rev Bernard J Harris presided and Mrs Marshall contributed several social items. The Bedford Band conducted by BM Bristow gave a programme on Monday evening.

27.9.29 Echo

A profitable weekend at the Salvation Army was conducted by Brigadier Frank Lean, the newly appointed Divisional Commander. The meetings were well attended and the Brigadiers educative addresses interested all who were present. Brig Lean who has transversed the British Isles as a Salvation Army Officer gave a lecture on Sunday afternoon his topic being Stories Grave and Gay. The chairman was Mr Charles Carter. The band and songsters rendered incidental items.

11.10.29 Echo and Argus

A famous Salvation Army Band, the Chalk Farm Ensemble, visited Rushden last weekend. It is the most travelled band in the Salvation Army.

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