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Rushden Echo, July 27th 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins
St. Peter's Church

School Festival at Rushden – St Peter’s Church – Results of the Sports

St. Peter’s Sunday school scholarships (Rushden) had their annual treat on Saturday. The children and senior scholars assembled at their various schools at 3.45p.m., from whence they marched in procession to the church, where a brief service was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. P. J. Richards). Subsequently the procession was re-formed, and, headed by the Vicar, church-wardens, sidesmen, and several members of the St. Peter’s branch of the C.E.M.S., the scholars marched, to the music of the bugle band of the Church Lads’ Brigade, to Mr. George S. Mason’s fields in the Hayway, where various recreations were indulged in. Mr. Mason also kindly threw open his beautiful gardens for the benefit of the visitors, and a most enjoyable time was spent.

A well-arranged programme of sports was gone through, and at an interval each child was provided with a piece of cake, some chocolate, and some lemonade. The customary tea was relinquished in view of the need for food economy. Selections of music were contributed by the Rushden Rifle Band. The prizes were presented to the successful sports competitors by Mr. George Mason.

Sports Results – Boys

7 and 8 Years old: 1 C. Ashby, 1 K. Sharp.

9, 10: 1 C. Smith, 2 B. Craddock.

11, 12: 1 A. Adams, 2 F. Craddock.

13, 14: E. Waller, 2 W. Layrum.

Bible class: 1 E. Ingram, 2 W. Parish.

Training Corps: 1 F. Green, 2 F. Adams.

C.L.B. Cadets: 1 (dead-heat) E. Waller and W. Newill, 3 W. Layrum.

Three-legged race (under 10): 1 F. Robinson and J Minney, 2 A. Adams and A. Line.

Three-legged race (over 10): 1 R. Whiting and F. Line.

Obstacle race: 1 W. Newill, 2 E. Tompkins, 3 A. Elliott, 4 L. Twelvetree.

Potato race (under 11): 1 W. Hart, 2 E. Waller.

The kite flying competition was postponed owing to insufficient wind.


7 and 8 years: 1 W. Neal, 2 M. Barker.

9, 10: 1 E. Fensome, 2 H. Knight.

11, 12: 1 G. Curtis, 2 P. Howes.

13, 14: 1. R. Smith, 2 L. Rawlings.

Egg and spoon race: (a) 1 E. Cox, 2 E. Martin: (b) 1 I. Cave, 2 P. Howes.

Skipping race: (a) 1 H. Knight, 2 K. Ingram: (b) 1 P. Howes, 2 G. Curtis: (c) 1 A. Ireson, 2 E. Downing.

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