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Rushden Echo Friday, July 16, 1915, transcribed by Sue Manton

St. Peter’s and St. Mary’s Sunday Schools Treat 1915

The Sunday schools of St Mary’s and St. Peter’s Parish churches, Rushden, united yesterday for their annual treat, the scholars of the former Sunday school assembling in the playground of the National schools, where they were marshalled by Mr. B. Milburn principal of the school. Headed by the Rushden St. Mary’s Company of the C.L.B. with their bugle band, they marched to the entrance gates of Rushden Hall, where they met the St. Peter’s contingent, which had assembled at their own church. After having marched in accordance with the usual custom, through the grounds of the hall, they proceeded via High Street and Coffee Tavern lane to St. Mary’s Rectory, where teas had been provided in the paddock and Rectory grounds. The order of the procession was as follows:- Rushden St. Mary’s Company C.L.B. with drum and bugle band, the Rector of St. Mary’s, Rev. P. E. Robson with the church wardens and sidesmen of St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s girls and young men’s bible classes, the National Sunday school infant department, the National Sunday school mixed department, the Newton Road Sunday school infants’ department, the Newton Road Sunday school mixed department, the Rev. P. J. Richards, vicar of St. Peter’s with the churchwardens and sidesmen, St. Peter’s bible classes and Sunday School. The churchwardens and sidesmen of both Parish churches were kindly entertained to tea by the Rev. P. Robson.

After tea an adjournment was made to the Rectory field where various games were indulged in and a capital sports programme was gone through.

The sports officials comprised: - Starters; Rev. W.H. Pelham, Messrs. G. Coleman, W. Ginns, G. Rattan and A. Packwood. Judges: Messrs. A. Dickens, C. Clifton, J. Scott, L. Sayers, Rev. P.J. Richards, Rev. W.H. Pelham, Messrs W.W. Lowe and G. Abbott. Mr. Percival also rendered valuable assistance. The sports results were as follows:-

Flat race 7 & 8 G. Bazeley. H. Reeves
Flat race 9 & 10 J. Reeves, L. Bates
Flat race 11 – 13 F. Walker, W. Layram
Sack Race 7-10 H. Line, A. Percival
Sack Race 11 to 13 J. Ager, W. Bailey
Three legged race E. Richardson and J. Ager, R. Whiting and H. Line
Obstacle Race W. Woodhams
Flat Race 7 & 8 Elsie Payne, Audrey Bates
Flat Race 9 & 10 Doris Sheffield, Dorothy Bazeley
Flat Race 11 & 12 Mabel James, Lilian Knight and Kitty Willis (dead heat)
Skipping race Florence Throssell, Lizzie Rawlins
Egg and spoon race 7-10 Doris Sheffield, Pearl Hatfield
Egg and spoon race 11-14 Rene Sugars, Jennie Rivitt
Thread the needle race 9-11 Lizzie Rawlins, Dorothy Woods
Thread the needle race 12-14 Mabel James, Jennie Rivitt
Bible classes
High Jump S. Grohman, R. Twelvetree
Long Jump J. King, P. Hart

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