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Rushden District Sunday Schools
Notes in date order

H Lack
Mr Lack
Northampton Mercury April 5th 1918, transcribed by Susan Manton

A Strenuous Worker - New President
Rushden and Thrapston District Sunday School Union

Mr. Herbert Lack the new president of the Rushden, Thrapston and District Sunday School union, is a great force for good in Rushden. To his sunny smile and gentle courtesy he unites enthusiastic devotedness to the causes which he has at heart. He is prominently identified with the Baptist church at Park Road, where in January last he completed 25 years of service as secretary and superintendent of the Sunday School.

Rushden Echo, 26th April 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Scripture Examination — Local Successes

The following are the results of the recent Scripture Examination in connection with the Rushden, Thrapston and District Sunday School Union:—

Lower Junior: Hector Hugo Pollard. Wollaston Baptists, honours; Herbert Percy Clayton and Philip Blunsom, Rushden Park-road Baptist; and Barbara Burgess, Wollaston Baptist, first class; Mabel Sherwood, Wollaston Baptist, second class.

Upper Junior: Connie Hepher, Thrapston Baptist; George Ernest Bayes, Rushden Park-road Baptist; Philip Watts James, Wollaston Baptist, and Clement George Clarke, Rushden Park-road Baptist, honours; Mary Elizabeth Smith, Rushden Park-road Baptist; Ivy Grace Winsor, Thrapston Baptist; Ada Betts, Rushden Park-road Baptist; Philip Partridge, Wollaston Baptist; and Sidney Bass, Rushden Park-road Baptist, first class; Edith Ellen Hillson, Thrapston Baptist; Mabel Dorothy Jones, Wollaston Baptist; and Ivy May Dingley, Thrapston Baptist, second class.

Lower Middle: Clara Bayes, Rushden Park-road Baptist, honours; Dorothy May Winsor and Audrey Chattell Hepher, Thrapston Baptist; and Freda Jones, Wollaston Baptist, first class; Ernest Willmott Lack, Leonard Henry Baxter, and Gladys Laura Spriggs, Rushden Park-road Baptist, second class.

Upper Middle: Edna Mary Mason, Rushden Park-road Baptist; Reginald George Sherwood and Gladys Rose Mead, Wollaston Baptist, Lucy Elizabeth Lack, Rushden Park-road Baptist, and Frederick Harry Travell, Wollaston Baptist, first class; and Eliza Rachel Green, Wollaston Baptist, second class.

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