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Church Army Hut

Junction Irchester, W'boro & Washbrook Roads 1926
Blue: Austin Factory Green: Church Army Hall
Red: Eaton Factory Turquoise: Chamberlain Works
Pink: Skerritt Factory Yellow: T Robinson factory

The Rushden Argus January 30th 1920, transcribed by Susan Manton

Opening of Church Army Hut at Rushden

Church Army Hall
Church Army Hut in Irchester Road
We print a photograph of the Church Army Hut which has been recently erected at Rushden, on the Irchester Road near the Oakley. This hut will be conducted by the Church Army as a social centre for all adults, free of charge and should prove a valuable addition to the work of the Army in the town. The attractions will include a reading room, and two billiard tables and concerts will be frequently held while light refreshments will be obtainable.

The Vicar of St. Peter’s the Rev. Ion Carroll is mainly responsible for the coming of this institution and the ground for the building and an adjoining tennis court and bowling green in connection with the hut has been generously sold at half its value by Mr. R. Marriott. The £300 guarantee required has been provided by subscriptions collected by the Rev. Ion Carroll.

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