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Free Church Anniversary 1899

Old Baptist Church, Rushden

On Monday, February 20th, 1899

3-30 United Public Service, with sermon by
Rev. J. Monro Gibson, D.D. Hymns 1, 2, 9 & 5.
5-30 Public Tea, given by friends of the Council.
Provided in the schoolroom at 6d. each.
7-30 United Public Meeting—Hymn 6
7-35 Prayer—Mr. Bancroft
7-40 Hymn 10
7-45 Treasurer's Statement—Mr. Isaac Cunnington
7-50 Secretary's Report—Rev. A. L. Fillingham
8-00 Chairman's Address—G. Denton, Esq., C.C.
8-10 Hymn 4
8-15 Address—Rev. J. Monro Gibson, D.D.
9-15 Collection for United Christian Work
9-20 Words of Gratitude—Rev. M. E. Parkin & Mr. G. H. Groome
9-25 Hymn 3
Rushden, Higham & District

Free Church Council

Who Are Members?
1— All Free Church Ministers in active work or honourable retirement
2— Two Delegates from each Church of 50 members or less, one Delegate for each 50 members beyond. Maximum for any Church 5
3— Other 5 Free Churchmen who may be elected by the Council itself
What Are Its Objects?
1— To cultivate closer fellowship and higher Christian life in the united Churches
2— To expound and disseminate New Testament doctrines and Free Church principles
3— To undertake united religious enterprises
4— To consider questions that relate to the moral and social welfare of the people
5— To defend Free Church privileges and claim due representation on public bodies
What Is Needed?
Good collections on Monday, Feb. 2Oth, and a large number at tea
During the past year a debt of £12 has accumulated
Good work is waiting till this is cleared
The Council depends entirely on voluntary contributions
Who Are Its Officers?

President—Rev. A. J. Pickworth

Vice-Presidents—Messrs. C. Bayes and J. Jacques

Treasurer—Mr. Isaac Cunnington

Secretaries—Rev. A. L. Fillingham & Mr. F. Negus

Hon. Solicitor—Mr. F. Newman

What Has It Done?

(Jan. 1897—Mar. 1899)

1— Opposition to Gambling resulting in bye-law prohibiting Street-Betting
2— United Mission in Public Hall—Mr. W. Forbes Evangelist
3— Literature against Ritualism distributed
4— Nine Picture Lectures on Free Church History delivered
5— United Sunday School Festival encouraged
6— Three series of United Prayer Meetings and other devotional gatherings organized
7— Application made for appointment of local Marriage Registrar
8— Sundry resolutions passed on Indian Famine, Crete, Prison Gate Mission, Voluntary Schools Bill, &c., &c.


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