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Rushden Echo, 21st June 1912
Rushden Mission - Organ
Organ Opening – Independent Wesleyan Mission Hall – A Handsome Gift

Yesterday was an important day in the history of the Independent Wesleyan Mission Hall, Wellingborough-road, Rushden, marking, as it did, the opening of the new organ. The instrument, which is admirably adapted to the building, is the gift of Mr. John Clark, of Heatherbreea, Rushden, and ardent supporter of the cause from its commencement 16 or 17 years ago, who occupies the position of superintendent of the Sunday school and other offices, and who wisely made the stipulation that the organ was given conditionally upon the friends of the Mission raising £50 at the opening services towards the reduction of the debt on the building.

The organ has been erected by Messrs. Roberts and Tanner, organ builders, of Raunds and Ringstead. The specifications are as follows:-

Great Organ

Open diapason










Swell Organ

Violin diapason


Lieblich Gedact









Pedal Organ



Bass flute



Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

Three combination pedals to great organ balanced swell pedal.

When the Mission Hall was erected some years ago an organ chamber was provided at the back of the rostrum and choir stalls, and the instrument has been built to fit this chamber. The organ is well adapted for all the purposes for which it will be required. The oboe in the swell organ is a special class of stop which Messrs. Roberts and Tanner are introducing. The ordinary reed stop is frequently getting out of tune with the changes of temperature, but Messrs. Roberts and Tanner’s new oboe stop is always in tune, whatever the temperature may be. At yesterday’s opening services there was ample proof that the new instrument is well suited to the building in which it had been erected, and it presents an imposing appearance. The pipes have been silvered, and the case has been toned so as to harmonise in colour with the fittings of the edifice.

The Opening Service

The Mission Hall was well filled at 3 o’clock for the opening service and dedicatory service, which was conducted by the Rev. H. J. Pickett, of Liverpool, formerly of Northampton.

Mrs. John Clark, in declaring the organ open, said that she had much pleasure on behalf of her family in presenting the instrument to the members, friends, and congregation for the worship of God.

Mr. T. Surridge, on behalf of the trustees of the Mission, acknowledged the magnificent gift which, he said, was another expression of loyalty and devotion to the service of the Master, and their prayer was that God’s richest blessing might rest upon Mr. and Mrs. John Clark, and family.

Madame Irene Lyne, who is now no stranger to Rushden audiences, delighted the congregation with her soulful rendering of “Sun of my soul” (Lewis Carey).

[An account of the service follows]

Immediately after the close of the afternoon service a short recital was given by Mr. J. J. Hobkirk, organist of the historic Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel, Newcastle-on-Tyne, which well brought out the possibilities of the instrument.

A tea was subsequently held in the Queen-street schools.

An Organ Recital

was given in the evening by Mr. Hobkirk. [the programme is noted here]

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