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Band of Hope
Constitution of a Band of Hope

1. That this Society be called the________ Band of Hope

2. The object of the Society to be the promotion of Total Abstinence from all intoxicating drinks amongst the young.

3. The following pledge to be signed by all Officers, members of Committee, and members of the Society:- “I agree to abstain from all intoxicating drinks as beverages.”

4. The affairs of the Society to be managed by a President, Vice-President, and a Committee consisting of the Officers and Teachers of the School who are pledged abstainers; with power to add to their number any member of the congregation worshipping at (here specify place of worship with which the Society is associated) who are pledged abstainers. The Committee to elect from its members the following Officers:- Treasurer, Superintendent, Secretary, Visitors, Collector, Leader of Singing, Superintendent of Recitations, and Librarian. Two Auditors to be appointed at the meeting of subscribers.

5. The Committee meetings to be held quarterly, in March, June, September and December, or oftener if necessary.
(It is desirable to hold the Committee meetings on one of the nights of the Society, after the members have been dismissed.)

6. All meetings connected with the Society to be opened and closed with devotional exercises.

7. The accounts to be audited at the close of each year, in time for presentation at the Annual Subscribers' Meeting.

8. An Annual Meeting of the Society to be held in January, when the Report of the Treasurer and Secretary shall be presented, and such other business transacted as will promote the welfare of the Society.

9.—No alteration to be made in this Constitution except by a majority of the members of Committee present at a meeting, and notice of any proposed alteration, &c., must be given in writing to the Secretary, at least fourteen days before dale of meeting; the Secretary to give particulars of the proposed alteration to each member of Committee.

*This Constitution is adapted for SUNDAY SCHOOL Bands of Hope; with a slight modification in Article 4, it would be usable for other Societies.

Rules for Members

1. Young people of both sexes and all classes, from the age of seven years, may become members.

2. Any young person under fourteen years of age desiring to become a member, must obtain from the Registrar a copy of the rules to show his parents and a printed form to be signed by one or both parents, signifiying their willingness for him to join. This paper is to be taken to the Registrar at the next meeting of the Society, and in his presence the young person will write his own name on it, under the following declaration or pledge, "I promise to abstain from all intoxicating drinks as beverages." Those over fourteen years of age are not required to obtain the written consent of their parents, but will sign their names in a pledge book belonging to the Society.

3. When the pledge has been kept for a month, the young person will be an acknowledged member, and should purchase his card of Membership, price 1d.; this card should be carefully preserved, and, if possible, framed.

4. Young people may be members without making any weekly payment, but it is recommended that all become paying members. The contribution for such will be ½d. per week, or 6½d. per quarter. A copy of a Temperance Magazine will be presented to paying members each month, and they will be permitted to attend three Quarterly Teas and Entertainments, and by a small additional payment, the Summer Excursion. Those becoming members when the quarter has partly expired, must complete the whole quarter's payment, if they wish to be present at the next Quarterly Meeting.

5. The meetings of the Society are held every (here give night of meeting) evening, commencing at 7 o'clock, and members are expected to attend regularly, taking care to show the Paying-in or Attendance Card, that their correct number may be noted by the Registrar as they enter the room. The meeting must not be left without permission.

6. Young people, on becoming members, are expected to purchase the book of Melodies, price 1d., and this book should always be taken to the Meetings.

7. Boys are recommended to purchase Recitations to repeat at the Meetings. The pieces proposed to be learnt must have previously received the approval of the Superintendent.

8. Members removing to new residences should inform the Registrar, who will give those leaving the neighbourhood a note of introduction to the Society (should there be one) in the locality to which, they are removing.

For full information on the formation and management of Bands of Hope, see

"The Band of Hope Manual," Price 6d., Post free 7d.

Band of Hope Chronicle
Monthly, one penny. Post free, one and sixpence, per ann. (nett)

The Organ of the United Kingdom Band of Hope Union

Notes inside the Minute Book
NRO Ref : ZB701/39
Mr Thomas  Cunnington
The first Secretary died Nov 17th 1906
Mr Thomas  Willmott Vice President died Jan 10th 1907
Mr F Vorley Vice President died Feb 27th 1908
Mr S Pack President Aug 10th 1908
Mr J  Claridge President June 7th 1921
Mr C Cunnington Vice President March 1921
Books Given as Prizes in School
... [of Stress] to Sunshine [overwritten]
Fall of Hamcliffe
Danesbury House
Driven into the Ranks
The Better Way
True to His Colours
Tim's Troubles
Sought and Saved
By Bitter Experience 
No Lectures given
Various books

Rushden Echo, 1st February 1901

Lantern Entertainments

Messrs. B. Vorley and G. W. Button started their annual tour this week in visiting the Bands of Hope of the district with lantern views. On Tuesday the Congregational Society was visited; on Wednesday, Succoth, and on Thursday, the Old Baptist. At each of the places the utmost interest was created, the subject being “An evening of picture and stories,” embracing a series of photos and a number of temperance and humorous slides.

Band of Hope jug
Rushden Mission Hall Band of Hope jug
Courtesy of Rushden Museum

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