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W Mole and Son

Rushden Echo, 26th January 1917

W Mole & Son,

Sanitary Plumbers, Gasfitters
and Decorators

Beg to notify their customers that they
are now carrying on business at

71 Midland Road,

Where their requirements will
be attended to with the
same promptitude and
attention as hitherto.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd August 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Plumber’s Failure — Business that Suffered Through the War

At Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Wednesday, before Mr Percival, the Registrar, the public examination took place of Walter Mole, trading as W Mole and Son, plumbers and painters, Midland-road, Rushden. The statement of affairs showed liabilities amounting to £180 11s 2d., and assets estimated to produce £74, leaving a deficiency of £106 11s 2d.

Examined by the Official Receiver, debtor said he was formerly a journeyman, and then started in business on his own account. In 1912 he made an assignment and a dividend of 4s 2d in the £ was paid. He went on trading. Three years ago his son, who was in the Northants yeomanry, went into the Army the day after war broke out. His son was not a partner and the business was insolvent at that time. Debtor thought that, having only his keep out of the business, he could pull things round, but the war affected trade, and matters gradually became worse. He had five journeymen when war commenced, but he lost them all, and became ill with bronchitis. He had lost money on contracts, indeed the business had been steadily going worse for three years. He had difficulty in getting workmen. The furniture belonged to his wife, who bought it from the trustee under the assignment, and the other furniture stored on the premises belonged to another son who was married.

The examination was informally closed.

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