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Rushden Echo, 4th March 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins
Robinson and Marshall

Rushden Shoe Trade Failure

Shortness of Trade and Selling Under Cost – Deficiency £1,484

The first meeting of creditors under the bankruptcy of Robinson and Marshall, boot manufacturers, of Rushden, will be held at the office of the Official Receiver, Northampton, tomorrow. The statement of affairs shoes liabilities £1,674 16s. 11d., assets £190 15s. 3d., deficiency £1,484 1s. 8d.

The causes of failure, as stated by A. Robinson, are shortness of trade and selling stock under cost. E. J. Marshall states that he cannot give the cause of insolvency as he had nothing to do with the financial side of the business. The deficiency is accounted for as follows: Net loss from business, £627 15s. 2d.; bad debt, 17s.; depreciation of stock, £158 9s. 6d.; depreciation of machinery, £59; and drawings of partners, £728. These items, less £90 excess of assets over liabilities on March 1st, 1919, total £1,484 1s. 8d.

The Official Receiver, in his observations says that the debtors, aged respectively 37 and 46, were employed as operatives until February 1919, when, with two others, they commenced business as manufacturers, each contributing £23. Robinson superintended the factory and kept the books, and the other three worked outside as lasters, there not being room for them in the factory. It was arranged that each should draw £3 10s. a week. No deed of partnership was executed, and it is probable that all the parties to the arrangement are liable, wholly or in part, to the creditors. In November 1920, in consequence of several creditors suing, advice was sought and a deed of assignment executed by debtors on November 22nd. A meeting of creditors was held on Dec. 7th last. The statement of affairs then presented showed liabilities £1,674 6s. 11d., assets £173 110s. 9d., deficiency £1,500 16s. 2d. No proposal was then made, and it was decided that the debtors should file a petition or the creditors should do so. The petition was filed by the creditors.

Rushden Echo Friday, March 11, 1921, transcribed by Sue Manton

Bankruptcy:- The first meeting of the creditors of Robinson and Marshall, boot manufacturers, of Rushden, was held at Northampton on Saturday. The statement of affairs shows liabilities £1,647, assets £190, deficiencies £1,484. Full particulars appeared in our last issue. Not many creditors attended the meeting. No resolution was passed and the matter was left in the hands of the Official Receiver to wind up.

The Rushden Echo, 22nd July, 1921, transcribed by Gill Hollis

A Shoe Trade Failure
Coal Strike Sequel

The case of Robinson and Marshall, shoe manufacturers, Rushden, had been adjourned for the appearance of Alfred Robinson.

The Official Receiver said he had received a letter from Robinson, in which he said that owing to the coal strike he had been without money. He (the Official Receiver) suggested an adjournment until Aug. 16th, and he would inform the Bankruptcy Court at Cardiff.

The case was accordingly adjourned.

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