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William Adcock

Northampton Mercury, August 16th 1862, transcribed by Susan Manton

Re - William Adcock, Rushden.

This was a first sitting for the proof of debts and choice of assignees, under the bankruptcy of William Adcock, described as late of No. 47 Milford Lane Strand, wine and spirits merchant, and afterwards of Rushden, in the county of Northamptonshire, accountant. Mr. Aldridge, of Moorgate Street appeared on behalf of the official assignee and Mr. Fry for the creditors.

The bankrupt came to this Court on his own petition and obtained protection from arrest, at which time he was detained in gaol at the suit of Mr. Arthur Wright, of Kettering, for a debt of £207 15s. In his examination before Mr. Dennis, in Northamptonshire gaol, he states his total debts and liabilities to £3,500 including £2,491 from which he was discharged under his former insolvency. He admits having engaged in betting transactions.

On this occasion proofs were admitted on behalf of Mr. W. F. Birdsall, of Northampton, hosier, for £70 9s 6d; Mr. Thomas Chambers, of Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire for £65; and Mr. George Pearce Pocock, of Addington Place, Camberwell, gentleman, was nominated to act as creditors'€™ assignee and accepted the office.

The eleventh day of September next, at one o’clock, was appointed for the bankrupt to come up for the passing his examination and applying for his order of discharge, and his protection from arrest having been enlarged until that time, the proceedings terminated.

Northampton Mercury, June 28th 1862, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden-T. Packwood, rate collector applied for a distress warrant against Wm. Adcock, for non-payment of £1 1s 9d for poor rates. Grants granted.

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