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Northampton Mercury, 4th November 1820

To the Creditors of John Peacock of Rushden

All persons having any Claim or Demand on John Peacock, Lacedealer, of Rushden, are requested to meet at the Green Dragon Inn, in Higham Ferrers, on Tuesday the 7th of November, at Ten o’Clock in the forenoon.

Northampton Mercury, 23rd October 1841

John Buck’s Insolvency - Such of the Creditors of the said John Buck (late of the Coach and Horses, Rushden), whose signatures may attach to his Deed of Assignment in one month from the present date, may receive a composition of Twelve Shillings in the Pound, on application to Mr. Wm. Warren, Wine Merchant, Wellingborough, with whom the Deed lies.

Wellingborough, October 20th 1841.

Rushden Argus, 25th April 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

Under a Deed of Assignment
Re: Joseph George Chapman, Chemist, Rushden.

Notice is hereby given, that the above named debtor has Assigned all his Estate and effects to me, as Trustee, for the benefit of his creditors. All persons having claims or demands against the said Joseph George Chapman are desired to send particulars to me at once.

J J Coulbeck
Trustee, Wellingborough

Wellingborough News, 7th November 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

MEETING OF CREDITORS—A private meeting of the creditors of Alfred Rogers, boot and shoe manufacturer, Rushden, was held on the 30th ult. at the office of Messrs. Sharman & Jackson, solicitors, Wellingborough. The statement of affairs showed liabilities £169 2s. 7d., and assets £14. By the assistance of relatives the debtor said he could pay 5s. in the £ on December 1, and the creditors present agreed to accept this offer.

12th December 1890 - Northampton Mercury

George Perkins, Boot Manufacturer, Rushden— meeting of creditors herein was held Tuesday. The statement of affairs showed liabilities about £400. A resolution was made that assignment should be executed in favour of the principal creditor ....…

Rushden Argus, 10th March 1893, transcribed by Kay Collins

In Bankruptcy
Re: J W Proctor, Grocer &c.
Rushden, Northamptonshire

Henry H Bletsoe

Instructed by the Official Receiver in Bankruptcy, will SELL by AUCTION, in convenient Lots, on Thursday next, March 16th, at Twelve o’clock, the whole of the Grover’s STOCK-in-TRADE, Fixtures, and Trade Utensils.
Further particulars in bills, to be had of the Auctioneer, Thrapston and Oundle

The Wellingborough News, 14th June, 1895, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Re – Frederick Eyte, of Rushden, beer retailer. – This debtor came up for public examination. His gross liabilities were put down at £636 1s. 2d., and his net indebtedness at £598 7s. 2d. His total assets were put down at 6s. only. – Replying to the Official Receiver, the debtor stated that in addition to his business as a beer retailer, he started running ‘buses and brakes. He bought several horses, a ‘bus, and a brake, and borrowed the money to purchase them with. He had lost ten horses by death within a year and a half through inflammation and colds. He had borrowed money from different persons for which he had paid heavy interest. His insolvency was entirely occasioned by his embarking as a cab proprietor. Prior to starting in that business in March, 1888, he believed he was solvent. – The examination was formally adjourned.

Rushden Echo, 8th December 1899, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Newsagent’s Bankruptcy—At Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, before Dr Faulkner, Registrar, George Clayson, of 42, Glassbrook-road, and 5, Church-street, Rushden, came up for his public examination. His statement of affairs showed a liability of £340 13s. 7d., with assets £22 3s. 7d. only and a deficiency of £318 10s. 0d. The debtor, in reply to the official Receiver, said that he commenced business on October 1st 1898, with £50 borrowed money. He had unfortunately indulged in land speculation, with the result that he had lost £258 10s. He purchased two plots of land at £30, and built eight houses on them. The end has been that the houses had been seized, and he had been landed in the loss. The cause of his insolvency was land speculation outside his legitimate business. He borrowed the £50 to start with, and paid back £10. Last October debtor executed a bill of sale and received £40 which went to pay off the £50 borrowed.

Rushden Echo, 22nd December 1899, transcribed by Kay Collins

A First and Final Dividend of 3s. 6d. in the £ is announced by Mr A C Palmer, the trustee, to be payable to the creditors of L West, boot manufacturer, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 16th March 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins

BankruptcyMr Harry Sharpe, musical instrument dealer and tobacconist, High-st., Rushden, has filed his petition in bankruptcy. [Northampton Mercury 06 April 1900 - The debtor came up for public examination. 11 May 1900 - This debtor was allowed to pass his public examination without further questions.]

Rushden Echo, 31st August 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Meeting of the creditors of Messrs Hockney Bros., drapers of Bedford, and formerly of Rushden, has been held, the unsecured liabilities being £5,872 and the net assets £3,723 including freehold shop and house in High-st, Rushden, valued at £1,500.

17 October 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Bankruptcy Court - Walter Howes, 8 Fitzwilliam-street, Rushden, boot and shoe manufacturer. —The unsecured liabilities were estimated at £471 9s. 1d. and the assets at £151 1s. 10d.

Rushden Echo, 29th November 1912

Failure—In the case of R. Woolley, grindery dealer, Newton-road and John-street, Rushden, Mr. F. Roberts, in a circular to the creditors, says that as there are only a few creditors over £10 he does not propose to call a meeting, but suggests that the estate should be realised forthwith. The debtor attributes his failure to his trade falling off so that his profits were not sufficient to meet expenses. His personal drawings have not exceeded £2 a week. The statement shows a deficiency of £789.

11 April 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Northampton Bankruptcy Court - Charles Leonard Phipps, late of Wellingborough, boot upper manufacturer, 22 Spencer-street, Rushden, clicker.—This debtor came up for his public examination. His statement of affairs showed liability of £99 15s. 5d., with ......

16 May 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Charles Leonard Phipps, late of Wellingborough, boot upper manufacturer, 22, Spencer-street, Rushden, clicker.—This debtor came for his adjourned public examination, which was closed.

Rushden Echo, 21st January 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

Meeting of Creditors—A private meeting of creditors of Messrs. Hart Bros., boot manufacturers, Co-operative-row, Rushden, was held on Wednesday at the offices of Messrs. Simpson and Mason, Rushden. The debtors returned assets of £350 and liabilities at £700. It was decided to ask debtors to file their petition.

Rushden Echo, 28th January 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

BANKRUPTCY. A receiving order in bankruptcy has been made in the case of B. Hart, of 14, Harborough-road, Rushden, and E. Hart, of 90, High-street South, Rushden, trading as Hart Bros., boot and shoe manufacturers, of Co-operative-row, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 7th January 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

FAILURE—It is announced that Samuel Jacobs, boot factor, 24, Commercial-road, London, E., a meeting of whose creditors was held at Rushden, has arranged to pay a composition of 7/6 in the £, in three instalments of 2/6 at four months, seven months, and ten months from January 1st 1921. The debtor is to pay £230 weekly, or such sum as may be agreed upon to meet the instalments.

Rushden Echo, 13th April 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

Bankruptcy—The case of A. Okins, motor engineer, Rushden, was closed at the Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday without further questions. It was stated that Fred Lee, upholsterer, Rushden, was too ill to attend for his public examination.

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