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Article by Paul Wright, 2018

Mr Michael Bantin
Michael Bantin inside his shop

Mr Michael Bantin has decided to enjoy his retirement at the age of 68, after a lifetime in the clothing industry.

Over that time the trade has sadly moved from a British manufacturing base, to a predominantly far eastern start of the supply chain.

One of Michael's famous former employers was Acquascutum, a name that made clothing over the years for top class people around the world.

And locally they employed about 500 people in their thriving factories in Kettering and Corby.

The Kettering factory, based in Trafalgar Road, dated back to its opening in 1909, but closed in 1999, ironically to make way for Morrison’s superstore.

In the end this proud quality brand was to shed over one hundred jobs locally in 2012, and the Northamptonshire side of the business was shut completely.

Michael started in Rushden at 18 Higham Road .......
1984 Advert

Bantin the tailor moved in 1990, when the building at the bottom of Fitzwilliam Hill was completely gutted and made into the shop and workshop that would remain for 18 years.

The shop and workshop
The shop and workshop
The shop
The original barns were converted to shops by the previous owners - Chettles - who used it for selling pet food etc. - it was staffed for several years by two ladies.

Over that period they had been providing high class clothing for sale and hire, no doubt many of you went there to be fitted out for a special wedding etc.

stock suits
Stock of belts, braces and ties

It was a father and son operation over time, with Michael's son Julian coming in to work there.

Luckily Jewkes bridal shop, in Rushden High Street, has taken most of the stock from Michael, so there will be an outlet in town for your needs in future.

closing sale
Jewkes Bridal at 20 High Street
Closing sale

Mr Bantin put the closed sign up for the last time on Saturday 15th September, 2018, and it will possibly become a private dwelling.

We wish Michael a long and happy retirement.

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