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The Rushden Echo & Argus, 14th June 1940, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Wine Shop

Arthur Jeanes Barrett

Proprietor’s Public Examination at Northampton

Arthur Jeanes Barrett, one of whose three retail wine shops was at 71, High-street, Rushden, came up for his public examination at Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Friday, his statement of affairs showing a deficiency of £971.

Debtor said he was uncertain of his age and at a later stage of the proceedings was ordered to produce a birth certificate. He admitted that he had been previously adjudged a bankrupt, this being at Birmingham in 1923, when carrying on a business as a confectioner. On that occasion his creditors lost just over £1,000. After that he was a general agent for five years was then employed by a chocolate firm for five years, part of the time as sales manager, and from 1933 to 1937 was selling on commission for various companies. He would not agree that he could have discharged the bankruptcy from earnings.

He got into touch with a large firm of wine and spirit merchants and agreed to open retail shops at which he could sell only wines and spirits supplied by that firm. It was at their suggestion that the title Douro Wine Shops was adopted. He opened a shop at Northampton in November, 1937, and a month later the one at Rushden, starting with £150, which was the net proceeds of the sale of a house at Birmingham. Takings at first exceeded anticipation and when they fell off and his stock got too large he took additional premises for a third shop at Northampton. In 1939, however, the decline in takings was considerable, and he found himself in arrears to his suppliers to the extent of £700 and made a deed of assignment to them. They had been taking proceedings against him from January, 1940.

The examination was adjourned to the next court.

12th July, 1940

Wine Merchant’s Denial - Inaccuracies Were Not Deliberate - Had Shop At Rushden

A Northampton wine merchant who had a shop in High-street, Rushden, appeared at Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Friday, when he denied that inaccuracies in an affidavit he filed in connection with an application for a writ were deliberate.

The examination was continued of Arthur Jeanes Barrett, of 8 Hillcrest-avenue, Northampton, who had carried on business as Duoro Wine Shops in Harborough-road, Wellingborough-road, and Wellington-place, Northampton, and at Rushden.

His statement of affairs showed liabilities of £1,592 and a deficiency of £97.

The examination had been adjourned from the last court for the production of his birth certificate.

After questions relating to Barrett’s age and second Christian name, debtor was examined at length by Mr. F. C. Whiting (for the trustee) about various details in his accounts, and Mr. Whiting applied for the preparation of a cash account for the period January, 1939 to March, 1940.

In reply to a creditor, Barrett said that certain accounts were lost in floods at St. James’s.

The examination was adjourned to the August Court, and an order made for production of the cash account asked for.

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