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Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society

Chemist and Greengrocery

Swart, Colton & Co-op

In the 1950s No. 100 was a Co-op Pharmacy.

It had been previously been kept by William Wright, druggist and chemist, for about twenty years, from about 1922 into the 1940s.

About 1970 they moved to a larger shop at 74 High Street.

Bottle from 74 High Street

74 High Street was a pharmacy and photographic department. Films for developing could be posted through the letterbox. At 72 a greengrocery department. Below shows the blinds were lowered at the greengrocery but only a dooor blind was used at the chemist's. The door between the shops was for access to the accommodation above; some were let for residential use, others used as storerooms.

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