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The Rushden Echo, 9th July 1926, and the Programme.

Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society

Jubilee Park

Opened with Co-operative Treat for Children


  Many happy children enjoyed the hospitality of the Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society on Saturday, when the society’s annual treat for members’ children was held. This year a record number was present, no fewer than 1,200 being at the tea.  In order to accommodate all these youngsters, the Co-operative Hall, the Alfred-street Council School, and the High-street Independent Wesleyan Schoolrooms (kindly lent for the occasion) had to be used.  At each place the children enjoyed to the full an excellent feed provided by the society.  When full justice had been done to the spread a procession was formed and, headed by the Temperance Band, with Mr. G. W. Coles, J.P. (president of the society), Mr. F. Berrill (vice-president), and Inspector Lawrence and P.S. Cherry as marshals, marched to the new park in Bedford-road which the society is presenting to the town.  The children, carrying flags and “teasers,” made a very pretty sight.

  This was the first year that the tea has been served indoors, the food being distributed to the youngsters in the field on previous occasions.  Arrived at the field, the children were soon taking advantage of the various amusements there, such as the slide, joywheel, “bumpers,” “jazzes,” and swings.  Extra amusement was afforded the children in the evening by balloon races, scrambles for nuts, etc., and they all spent a jolly time.  Professor Elliot, with humour and music at the piano and living marionettes, and Professor Hamylton, conjuror, gave very entertaining programmes, which were acceptable alike to children and adults.  A large number of adults were present in the evening, and music was played by the band, who also played for dancing later.  This year the committee had not arranged any sports for the children, but the amusement obtained from the park fittings and the balloon races and scrambles was just as much appreciated.

  Many people were still under the impression that the park was to be officially opened during the evening, but this ceremony, as previously announced, had to be postponed, and it will take place in October, when the society is celebrating its jubilee.  The park is, however, now open to the public.

  The arrangements for Saturday’s function had been made by a joint committee consisting of the Educational Committee, General Committee, Women’s Co-operative Guild, and officers of the society.  The treat was under the auspices of the Educational Committee, the secretary of which is Mr. E. J. Strudwick, and Mr. W. H. Marriott was in charge of the catering arrangements. 

Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society Limited 1876-1926
Presentation of Jubilee Park Wednesday November 17th 1926
Ham and Tongue
Fruit and Cream
Cakes and Pastries
Celery and Cheese
Some of the people at the opening
Photo - by C F Chapman - at the opening of the park - note the "8 Houses" behind
Welcome Mr. G. W. COLES, J.P., President of The Society
Song Mr. W. SMITH
Presentation by Mr. G. W. COLES, J.P.
Acknowledged by Mr. C. CLARIDGE, J.P., Chairman of The Rushden Urban District Council
Song Miss D. Marriott
Recitation Miss H. Gates
The District's Congratulations will be tendered by Mr. H. Clayson, President Wellingborough Co-Operative Society; Member of The Central Board Co-Operative Union
Acknowledged by Mr. F. Berrill (Vice-Chairman)
Song Mr. W. Smith
Song Miss D. Marriott
A Short History of The Society
Recitation Miss H. Gates
Vote of Thanks Proposer, Mr. F. KNIGHT, J.P., Rushden Urban District Council.
Seconder, Mr. A. J. FOULDS, Secretary, The District Co-Operative Association
Acknowledged by Mr. W. H. Marriott (Grocery Manager)
Accompanist Mr. E. Robinson

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Jubilee Park in January 2011
The park in 2011 showing the Skate-Board area - looking towards Kingsmead Park

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